So you want to plan a ski trip but you don't know where to go. With epic ski destinations scattered all around the world, picking one spot can be the hardest part but it also leaves endless opportunities for future trips. Deciding on a destination often comes down to what type of terrain you are looking for and the type of experience you wish... Read more →
For the adventure seekers and travel addicts, each year is a chance for new journeys in far off places and exploring new cultures. Purchasing a new, fresh agenda full of vacant dates is a collage of departure and arrival dates waiting to happen and the start of another year of feeding your wanderlust. Here are five destinations that will... Read more →
The start to a new year is always a fun time to plan new vacations and fill up the crisp, blank pages in your new agenda. Having important dates to remember and get excited for is always great motivation for days at the office when it feel like the world is against you. Trade the Beanies for Sunhats For those powder-seekers whose eyes... Read more →
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Being Canada's largest city, it is no surprise that Toronto also happens to have a plethora of interesting architecture. I traveled there to delve into its angles, textures and general visual impressiveness. Below are a couple of spots I would suggest for anyone spending a day or two in Toronto with their camera. 1. The Toronto Public... Read more →
For some, saying goodbye to the end of 2016 was a relief and welcoming the start of 2017 was a breath of fresh air while for others, 2016 was great so 2017 can only be as great or even better. Whatever the case was, with a new year comes a new start full of fresh opportunities, motivating challenges and of course new adventures. Relax,... Read more →
The final season of A Skier's Journey takes us to Iran where the sport is consistently growing as more and more people become interested in the peace and happiness found in the mountains. Skiers Chad Sayers and Forrest Coots also stop in China where the growing middle class population sparks growth in the sport of skiing. The final stop for... Read more →