Cooking with Myrite from Power Balls (a granola bar in a ball!)

You’re out in nature, in touch with your animal instinct, and you just finished your hike. Upon reaching into your pocket to satisfy your hungry belly, you take out the granola bar you packed. As you chew, you proceed to read the ingredients on the wrapper and to your surprise, realize you have just eaten what sounds more like a chemistry lab experiment.

Nutriciously delicious?

A common misconception is that energy bars are good for you, when in fact many of them pack as many calories as a candy bar, at usually twice the cost. You want a natural energy bar that contains simple ingredients you can understand such as fruits, nuts, and seeds. If you don’t have time before your trip to make your own bars, here’s a list of some healthy contenders you can purchase.

Look out for these ingredients:
· Sugar/high fructose corn syrup/glucose/fructose: should not be in the first three ingredients because it means the bar contains the most of that particular ingredient.

· Partially hydrogenated Oils: are trans fats, the kind we are supposed to avoid if want our arteries to remain clear

· Chocolatey coating: the term “Chocolatey” is a spiffy end-run past the Food & Drug labelling requirements. Since they aren’t actually calling this coating “chocolate”, it can include any edible substance with a somewhat chocolate flavour.

This is when you say to yourself, “man I really should learn how to make my own granola bars to take with me”. Easy. Here’s the recipe

Power Balls:
16 oz almond butter (or other nut butter)
8 oz of honey
¾ blender full of rolled oats/muesli or puffed brown rice cereal
Coating: bowl full of ground walnuts, sunflower seeds, grated coconut, hemp seeds, raisins, cocoa powder, or sesame seeds

Optionally for + health boost:
¼ cup ground flax seeds
1 tsp greens +
1/2 tsp ginger powder

1. Mix almond butter and honey in a bowl

2. Puts oats in a food processor and blend until they assume an almost powdery consistency, but still retain their form.

3. Add oats to almond butter and honey mixture and blend well

4. Roll batter into small balls, then roll the balls into your choice of topping (grated coconut, ground nuts, ground flax..)

5. Store power balls in the fridge and when you’re ready for your camping trip, individually wrap them in saran wrap and bring them along to share!

Here’s another recipe I enjoy making. For more recipes come check out my website

Happy and Tasty Trails,


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