3 tips for choosing your kid’s winter jacket

Text by: Adrienne Auclair

Kids, The North Face. 3 tips for choosing your kid’s winter jacket

Snowball fights with kids from the neighborhood, building forts, afternoons spent sleighing… Ah! Don’t you miss those days when you would spend the whole day outside and only go back home when your parents yelled “Dinner’s ready!”?

It’s now our turn to make sure our kids can enjoy winter. Here are 3 tips to help you choose the perfect jacket for your dear offspring.

1- Waterproofness

Kids love to play in the snow, to roll around and slide in it. As we all know, snow is wet, so their jacket needs to be waterproof. How do you make sure of that? Having a DWR coating is a good start or if it’s made from a waterproof material like DryVent from The North Face.


Another important thing to check: the zipper. It has to be protected from the elements either by being waterproof or by having a protective flap.

2- The size

We all know it, kids grow up fast, and when we invest in a winter jacket, we want it to last all season. But beware! Don’t buy one too big because the roomier the jacket is, the less heat will be retained. Some companies developed a double seam system. It’s amazing!


You undo the stitching inside the liner and there you have it. An extra inch. That way, there’s more chance the jacket and pants will last all winter.


3- The zipper

Do you have difficulty zipping and unzipping your child’s jacket? If so, it’s a good indicator that they need another jacket. Kids often have to get dressed on their own at school since teachers can’t always help all the children to put on their winter clothes. Make sure your child tries the zipper in store.

Don’t forget that your child will have to get dressed to go to recess twice a day, at lunch and at the end of classes. Multiply by 5 days, and then by 5 months, that’s a lot of zipping and unzipping. Make sure the zipper is a quality one. A good brand is YKK. It can make all the difference.


Finally, don’t forget that your kids, just like you, need to stay warm and dry to fully enjoy winter. A warm fleece and a base layer made of merino wool or synthetique fibre complete a winter outfit.

Alright now kids, go play outside and don’t forget to bring Mom and Dad! Fresh air is good for you no matter your age.

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