5 must-follow Instagram accounts

Text by: Marie-Christine Lessard

. 5 must-follow Instagram accounts

With our busy schedules, we don’t always have time to leave the city and enjoy scenic views. For those of you who already use Instagram, you probably know that we can find pretty awesome treasures on the app. There’s not only cats and food pictures on it! Lots of galleries are very inspiring. Here are some accounts that you should definitely follow. Trust me, they will make you dream while you’re on the bus, stuck in intense traffic downtown…



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I’ve been following this profile for a couple of months now and I totally love it. One of my favorites. It took me about 15 minutes only to pick one single picture to put up here – all the shots are so amazing! Travel-bloggers with a clothing line. Very cool.



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Another young entrepreneur owning his eco-friendly clothing and accessories company. On his profile, we can find tons of shots from the West Coast and the Pacific Ocean. Mist, beaches, cabins and forests. His slogan: Stay sharp, be different. Right on.


Native and citizen from Norway, this guy describes himself as a mountaineer/professional fun haver. Pretty badass job, no?! We can enjoy lots of Scandinavian scenery trough his gallery. Let’s say that it really makes you want to be there.



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Hailey Elizabeth, a 22 years-old photographer, brings us in Flagstaff, Arizona. We can find lots of various things on her account: mountains, camping, kayaking, interior design and even some wedding shots…



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Official profile of Bradley Mountain. We can find a couple of pictures of their products, but also lots of amazing snaps of the coast and the ocean. Nature with a little fashion twist.

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