7 Online Shopping Tips

Text by: Adrienne Auclair

. 7 Online Shopping Tips

Shopping online is always a great idea. Not only does it take less time, but it’s also an easy way to save some money.

Here are 7 tips on how to maximize the advantages of online shopping.

1. Search for the best online price

Google, Bing, Baidu, Yandex, and any other search engine are your best friends.
Type the name of the product that you’re searching for and you’ll be comparing prices on different sites like a boss in no time.
Can you image how long it take to call, not even drive, to each store trying to get a price check on your dream item? Use the internet, it’s faster.

2. Scavenge for coupons

The web is filled with coupon sites. The goal of a coupon site is obvious: share coupons. Checking websites like Bargain Moose. RetailMeNot, and All Sales on a regular basis can net you some great deals. Don’t forget, you can often get coupons just from signing up your favorite retailer’s newsletter.

3. Shipping

Always check shipping policies. Many retailers offer free shipping and returns. This can save you the hassle of paying fees to return your package if it doesn’t suit your needs.

4. Canadian retailers

American eCommerce websites often ship to Canada, but these packages usually come with shipping delays and surprise custom fees. Buying from a Canadian website enables you to receive your order without any bad surprises.

5. Return deadlines

Double check the return policy whenever you buy online. In most cases, you’ll get something like a 6o day return policy, but it can be as short as 7 days in some cases.

6. Price matching

Sometimes, your favorite retailer forgets they sold you an item at full-price less than 24 hours before putting it on sale. This doesn’t mean you got screwed over. If you check their price matching policies, you can often get credited the price difference. This can even apply to items on sale on a competitor’s website. For example, your favorite online retailer doesn’t have your Arc’teryx Atom on sale but their competitor does. If you just pick up the phone or send an email to their customer service, you’ll get the price matched in a jiffy.

7. Loyalty card

Some retailers offer membership or a loyalty card. You should check them out because often the benefits outweigh the cost of the loyalty program.

You now have all the tools to start your online shopping experience.

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  1. Great tips for anyone skeptical about purchasing some of their gear online.

    I have purchased almost all of my technical gear (jackets, pants, sleeping bags, etc) online and it has saved me a ton of money and has been a pretty smooth experience. Most of my purchases have come from altitude sports, the last hunt, live out there, and monod sports. I have had nothing but good service from all 4.

    First for the people skeptical of the prices, most of the items you will find heavily discounted because they are last years model. Sometimes that means simply a different colour, other times that means the model is being revised (Arcteryx Atom LT this year), other times the model is no longer being made (Arcteryx Atom SV this year). Now some of you are thinking if the model has been revised or discontinued doesn’t that mean there is something wrong with the discounted item? My answer – Maybe but probably not. I own both the older versions of the Atom LT and Atom SV, and they are two of the best jackets I own. Actually the odd time, the older versions are more popular or people ask back for discontinued gear. In my experience no matter what reason the retailer has discounted the item for, you are always getting a high quality piece of gear that is backed by a great warranty by the maker. (see Arcteryx, Patagonia, etc)

    Don’t be afraid to pull the trigger. The first time I bought online it was hard to hit the ‘order now’. Like the article points out, most sites let you return the gear so you have options even after you make your purchase.

    Check back often! Some sites offer a ‘deal of the day’. If you wear a common size, its probably going to sell out sooner. Don’t get too bummed out if you miss a deal, a lot of items you will see again at a different sale.

    Hopefully my input helps a few more people purchase some of their gear online. I know personally it has saved me a ton of money on my gear, and has been a very positive experience. Happy gear hunting!

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