Nancy Greene Raine Celebrates the 50th Anniversary of her Olympic Gold Medal Win

Text by: Kelsey Begg

Ski & Snowboard. Nancy Greene Raine Celebrates the 50th Anniversary of her Olympic Gold Medal Win

With the Olympics on the horizon, there’s no better time than now to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Canada’s own Nancy Greene Raine’s gold medal victory. In 1968, Nancy won the Olympic gold medal while competing in Grenoble, France and owns the title of Canada’s Female Athletes of the 20th Century. 

Although she was born in Ottawa, Ontario, Nancy called Sun Peaks her home for a better part of her skiing career and still heads there on weekends and holidays to enjoy the slopes. While Ottawa isn’t a very mountainous town, Rossland is and it’s here that Nancy inherited her skiing roots from her parents who were both avid skiers themselves. The family moved to Rossland just before Nancy had turned 3 and were quickly swept away in the ski world. in 1897, Rossland hosted the first ever ski competition that was held in Canada so, between that milestone and the obviously incredible mountainscape, it’s a no-brainer that avid skiers and snowboarders are drawn to the small, Kootenay town. 


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Nancy began competing at a very young age and even competed n the Canadian Junior Championships while she was in high school. This was only the beginning of her career as she quickly became the most decorated ski racer in her day over all other male and female skiers. In 1967, Nancy won the inaugural World Cup putting Canada on the board after putting an end to the streak of Europe’s domination of the sport. In that same year, she took the over-all title after winning seven out of sixteen events including four for the giant slalom, two for the slalom and one in the downhill. With a winning record like this, it’s no question that she deserved the honour that she received as Canada’s “Athlete of the Year.” It was this aggressive skiing style and “go-get-’em” attitude that landed Nancy with the nickname, “Tiger”.

This week is a proud week to be Canadian as we remember Nancy’s Olympic gold medal win and cheer for the talented Canadian athletes who will be taking the world stage this month and competing at the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympic Games in South Korea.

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