All You Need to Know About eVent Fabrics

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Since launching in 1999, eVent has provided athletes, professionals and adventurers with waterproof and breathable apparel made of waterproof and breathable fabrics that they can rely on to keep them feeling dry no matter how hard they work. Whether you’re a cyclist, a runner or a hiker, eVent fabrics are designed with high-intensity activities in mind so you can focus on the ride, hike, run and any other adventure that lies ahead of you.

What is eVent Fabric?

eVent fabric is a waterproof and breathable fabric which can be found in a range of products from apparel to footwear from a variety of brands. 

These fabrics use a ‘dry system’ that immediately transfers moisture that would otherwise build-up inside your garment or shoe while working hard. This technology or ‘dry system’ is called Direct Venting™ technology and it eliminates any clammy feeling or wet-on-the-inside feeling that other garments or shoes may have once you start working hard and begin to sweat. 

Direct Venting™ is designed to allow your body maintain a steady temperature and humidity even during physical exertion. This technology keeps you in the middle so you are not soaking wet and cold from your own sweat but also not overheating due to a lack of evaporative cooling.

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How eVent Fabrics Work

eVent fabrics are made up of billions of microscopic pores which are built into the eVent proprietary membrane. These pores are the secret behind the Direct Venting™ technology as they instantly start working to vent moisture and water vapour even before it is present. For this reason, it is considered a ‘dry system’ because unlike other technologies, Direct Venting™ doesn’t need to be wet in order to start working.

With Direct Venting™ technology, sweat is vented directly through the membrane as soon as it is present whereas with other waterproof breathable technologies, in order to transfer moisture, the PU membrane must become wet first. This is known as the ‘wet system.’


Shop For eVent Fabrics

eVent fabrics can be found in a variety of products and brands although is most common in activewear and outerwear. Below is a list of brands offered at Altitude Sports that produce products made with eVent fabrics.

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Shop eVent fabrics for your active outerwear apparel and say goodbye to clammy and humid clothing.

castelli womens donnina rain jacket


Women’s Donnina Rain Jacket


rab mens bergen waterproof jacket


Men’s Bergen Waterproof Jacket


ugg australia womens adirondack boot

UGG Australia

Women’s Adirondack Boot


rab latok alpine gaiter


Latok Alpine Gaiter



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