Anon Women’s Griffon Helmet Reviewed

Text by: Kelsey Begg

Anon, Ski & Snowboard. Anon Women’s Griffon Helmet Reviewed


The Griffon women’s helmet from Anon is a very comfortable helmet. Although quite simple at first glance, the Griffon helmet delivered warmth and comfort during a cat skiing trip in the Monachee Mountains close to the ski town of Revelstoke, BC.

The curry yellow colour is quite unattractive, however surely stands out on a white snowy background and is more a matter of personal preference.

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Our review of this product
7 / 10

The pros are:

  • Very warm
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable

The cons are:

  • Limited ventilation system
  • Challenging buckling system
  • Unattractive design

Fit & Securing Mechanism

The Anon Griffon helmet delivers a customized helmet fit technology known as Boa which makes any fitting adjustments easy-peasy! In a turn of a dial the Griffon helmet’s pressure and comfort can be adjusted without having to remove any padding.

I was personally challenged by the Fidlock magnetic snap buckling system. Unlike traditional helmet buckles, The Anon Griffon helmet features a magnetic snap-in system which is technically designed to make it easy to open the chin buckle with one hand, even when wearing gloves. I would personally prefer using a helmet with a traditional buckle, which I find is more user-friendly.

Helmet Features

The Griffon Anon helmet features easily removable ear pads and liners making the helmet quite warm for the ears and also versatile should one need less padding or choose to wear a tuque under the helmet.

This helmet has a non-secured plastic goggle holder which unfortunately made me lose my goggles while transporting my gear in and out of the cat on that day. I would have really liked to know that my goggles were secured on the helmet.

The Anon Griffon helmet is quite lightweight. Riders can barely tell that it is on the head for the most part. It features a cozy liner which kept me warm all day. However, the Anon Griffon helmet features very minimal ventilation channels which in turn can make the helmet quite warm and can make goggles foggy.

Despite the fact that this Anon Griffon helmet is quite comfortable and warm I was overall slightly disappointed in the general design, colour and lack of ventilation of this helmet.

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