Arc’teryx: A Skier’s Journey Season 2

Text by: Kelsey Begg

Arc’teryx, Ski & Snowboard. Arc’teryx: A Skier’s Journey Season 2

For season two of Arc’teryx’s A Skier’s Journey, a collection of skiers travel to far off destinations in search of new terrain, sweet lines and fluffy snow. Episode one shows how the love for one ski hill can keep it alive, episode two follows five friends to the frozen fjords of Northwest Baffin Island during spring time, and episode three follows Chad Sayers as he travels around Argentina and stops at multiple spots along the way to shred some snow.

Episode 1: Friends of Shames

When you love something, you fight for it and that’s what this ski community has done in this episode of A Skier’s Journey. When Shames ski area is at risk of being shut down , the ski community who call this mountain home, come together and purchase the ski hill. This episode follows the journey of a small community who take matters into their own hands to ensure that their little piece of heaven and the mountain they call home remains open.


Episode 2: Baffin Island

Follow Chad Sayers and four of his friends as they head into the magical spaces of skiers’ dreams found in the Fjords of Northwest Baffin Island. It’s spring time in Canada but in the remote village of Clyde River, winter is lingering and not so far-off, enchanting couloirs are waiting to be discovered and skied.


Episode 3: Argentina

Follow world traveler and skier, Chad Sayers on his journey through Argentina. Starting in Santiago, Chile, Chad makes his way up to Argentina and continues on a 4000km journey through the Andes stopping at multiple destinations along the way in search of new terrain and sick lines. The Andes are home to high winds and after battling the winds, for the first time in two weeks at Refugio Frey – stop three, the wind stops.

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