The Arc’teryx Alpha FL pack

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Arc’teryx. The Arc’teryx Alpha FL pack

Arc’teryx makes hardcore products for hardcore activities. No one will deny that. So to really put the new Alpha FL pack to the test I thought long and hard.

Our review of this product
9.3 / 10

The pros are:


Weather resistant


The cons are:


But as much as I want everyone to think I am a hardcore athlete and I do hardcore things with hardcore packs, I really just wanted to drive to Vermont to buy beer.



This is an alpine pack. It has no bells or whistles. You are looking at a bag that goes on your back and can carry things. I’m not selling it, I know. But know that anyone and everyone will fall in love with the Arc’teryx Alpha FL 30 backpack.

Where to begin?

It’s core is made out of Arc’teryx’s waterproof AC² fabric, and is thus pretty darn bombproof in my opinion- no longer worry about the elements in winter. No waste of time lid that is just a hassle to open and close every time you want to access your bag. It has an open mouth with a genius cord system to open and close. Pull one tab to open and yank the other to close. Easily doable with mountaineer mitts as well.

Inside the opening is their RollTop closure which I love. Years ago I remember Arc’teryx making a line of rolltops, and I’m happy they are coming back. A minimalist belt is included that keeps the bag tight to your waist. Considering this pack is not designed to carry heavy loads, it does the trick.

It can hold 3 growlers of Hill Farmstead and 5 bottles of root beer

This model is a 30 liter pack, but you can also find it in a larger 45 liter size. For its lack of suspension system or any fancy back padding, I found the pack incredibly comfortable. It says a lot about the cut and design of the shoulder straps. But you have to cut back in areas if you want to make a solid pack that weighs in at 610g.


Stretch cords cross the back from anything from that fleece you shouldn’t have put on to ascend, to a rare Teddy Ruxpin bear in near-mint condition.

A single pocket on the exterior completes the pack, and is all you really need.  Alpinists can put their tall tales in there, but I will stick with my smartphone and keys.


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