Arc’teryx: Designed & Tested in Canada

Text by: Kelsey Begg

Arc’teryx. Arc’teryx: Designed & Tested in Canada

Arc’teryx, an acclaimed brand among outdoor enthusiasts both young and old, continuously impresses the outdoor industry with their innovative designs year after year. From mountaineering and skiing to hiking and trail running, they have covered their bases for land sports. 

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Nestled in the North Shore mountains, it is no surprise that Arc’teryx products are tested tough in the field. The design center is located in North Vancouver only a short distance from a lavish playground where you can trail run, hike, ski and climb. The Canadian company has selected this location wisely as it allows their staff and athletes to ensure each product design boasts the infamous Arc’teryx stamp of perfection.

While the design center is located in North Vancouver, the Arc’teryx factory, known as ARC’ONE, is located a short drive away in Richmond. ARC’ONE is the largest technical product factory in Canada and was just officially fully opened in 2016. It is here where the products designed and tested at the design center in North Vancouver are brought to life and ready to be sent to customers around the world. 

Arc’teryx is producing high-quality products both here in Canada as well as outside of Canada with 90% of the products being produced across 21 manufacturing facilities around the globe. It is a Canadian brand and often the question arises why are Arc’teryx products being made elsewhere than in Canada? The main reasoning for the need to branch out globally is the lack of trained individuals available to meet the needs and growth of the company here in Canada.

While you may own Arc’teryx items that have “Made in *insert country here*” tags or embroidery on the inside, the level of quality of that particular product will be no different than those made at ARC’ONE. Regular factory visits both in Canada and at the factories abroad, ensure that all aspects of the company are following the company guidelines for both design and production as well as employee care. 

Wherever your Arc’teryx garment, accessory or piece of equipment is from, one thing is sure and that is that each aspect of it has been made with careful attention to detail, precision and dedication.

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