The Miura 45 pack from Arc’teryx

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Arc’teryx. The Miura 45 pack from Arc’teryx

Climbers are a picky bunch. They have their favorite cams, shoes, vegan cookies, and the list goes on and on. That is why making a climbing pack is, in my opinion, so darn difficult.  Let’s see if Arc’teryx is up to the challenge.

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9.5 / 10

The pros are:



The cons are:

Hip belt

I say climber’s pack, but the first thing I notice when playing around with the Miura is that it does not look like a climber’s pack. It is minimalist, simple, elegant; words not often used when describing rock climbing products. Coincidentally, I think that the Arc’teryx Miura 45 pack (or the 35 liter for that matter) would actually suit the needs of anyone needing a pack, not just rock climbers.

Why do I say this?

As I just mentioned the pack is sleek and inconspicuous. You can wear this while light-hiking through Mexico, doing the tour of museums in Paris, or climbing Arapiles in Australia. In each of these situations the Miura pack will not look out of place- something you cannot say often for technical gear.

It is surprisingly comfortable. I say surprisingly because it really is stripped back, including a basic (but very thick) hipbelt. One reason it feels so good is because of their ‘wing’ system they use, that allows the bag to curve around your hips, which really distributes the load nicely (you can see this technology in their Quintic series as well).

The Miura also comes stock with a rigid plaque which covers your back from any sharp objects. All in all, the Miura is impressive in its ability to carry your gear around the crag without feeling like a boulder on your back.


The shape is another factor that impressed me. At first you may be taken aback by its squarishness, but once you have a fool around you realize that you can climb easily and unhindered with it on. The fact the top is larger than the bottom means you can easily access gear -like say a rack of quickdraws- without the hassle of a bottleneck at the opening.

And this is a wonderful segue into the highlight of the Miura 45 pack. The zipper, oh my lord, the zipper. It opens up EVERYTHING. It zips completely open, and renders the pack a flat vessel, thus meaning it can be used as a lunch seating pad, starting pad in muddy ground or even a rope bag. The zippers are beefy and will outlast you, and have massive pull tabs so you can grab them no matter how sore your fingertips.


Topping it all off, the pack is covered with haul loops. You can’t see an angle without seeing a haul loop. Pick it up anywhere, anyhow, any which way. It has a gear loop on the inside for a rack, a space for a reservoir and several well hidden pockets large and small.


In my opinion, the Miura is another magnificent success by Arc’teryx, for which rock climbers will be grateful.



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