Arc’teryx Proton AR Hoody Review

Text by: Leigh McClurg

Arc’teryx. Arc’teryx Proton AR Hoody Review

*The Proton AR model will be available for purchase Fall 2016. Get excited.

Bottom Line:

The Proton AR Hoody from Arc’teryx is an insulated yet breathable hoody that can easily be used as a 3-season soft shell or used as a mid-layer in winter.

Perfect for all things mountain were you need to stay warm while also being on the move. Don’t be surprised if you start seeing these being worn in mountain town cafe’s also. Stylish design and fit.

Our review of this product
8.6 / 10
The pros are:


Wind Resistance

Technical Features

The cons are:



First Impressions and Observations:

At a glance the Proton AR Hoody looks pretty similar to a few other jackets available from Arc’teryx at the moment. But a closer look reveals some interesting features. Namely the insulation that Arc’teryx has chosen to use.

Throughout the Proton AR Arc’teryx has utilized Coreloft Continuous, a new breathable type of synthetic insulation. On top of this Arc’teryx has also used a breatheable outer fabric called “Fortius Air 40”. All of this combines together to create an excellent balance between air permeability to keep you cool while moving, while also keeping you warm when you need to stop.


The hoody is DWR treated so it resists precipitation but it isn’t waterproof. You will want to use a hard-shell jacket over this hoody if a serious amount of rain is expected.
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Through my use of it I found the Proton AR hoody to be excellent at keeping the wind out, even though it isn’t rated as being fully windproof. The dual hem adjustment points seal up the bottom of the hoody and the stretchy cuffs ensure no wind gets in via the arms.


The main front zip is backed on either side with flaps that overlap to limit any wind getting in also. When the helmet compatible hood is fully zipped up and cinched down I felt completely insulated from the elements outside. Awesome!


I also really liked the two stretchy chest pockets. These really come into use when carrying a backpack or wearing a harness that will block access to the hip pockets. The stretchy material on the face of these pockets allows them to carry anything from a wallet or smartphone to a bulkier GPS device or Camera. I ended up using them more than I thought I would.

Overall I’d have to recommend this hoody. At less than 500g’s for the size medium it isn’t going to weigh you down and I found I definitely didn’t overheat in it when moving, unlike other down hoodies that I’ve used. Very nice!



  • Fit: Athletic trim fit allows this hoody to layer easily under a hard shell or over a base layer.
  • Versatile: Breathability and insulated warmth is excellent allowing this hoody to be used in a variety of environments and situations. Synthethic insulation won’t lose it’s heat retaining properties if it gets wet.
  • Weight: Less than 500g’s for a fully featured insulated hoody.



  • No Interior Pocket: No internal pocket for items you wish to keep warm.


Buy It If:

You are looking for an insulated hoody that is also breathable so you won’t have to take it off and pack it away every time you need to move or exert yourself.

There is 8 thoughts on this article titled “Arc’teryx Proton AR Hoody Review”.

  1. Thanks for the great review.
    I wonder how does it compare in terms of abrasion with the Atom LT. I had one which started showing some wear and tear after a year of constant use.
    I also wonder how small is smaller than the Atom? I have an Atom LT in XS which fits perfectly, but now that I’m searching to buy a Proton I wonder if the XS would ever fit.


    1. Hi there, both jackets are insulated using Coreloft™ insulation although the Atom AR has a higher density of the insulation which may make it slightly warmer. As for holding up to winds, both are wind resistant and designed to be breathable mid layers that will perform similarly in windy conditions.

  2. Wondering about the sizing and fit. I find Arcteryx jackets a challenge to size correctly. Medium Atom LT hoody is borderline too tight in chest fo me while the large is bordering on being too loose. The procline hoody fits me perfectly in large as a mid layer. I’m 5′ 10″ 178 lbs 41″ chest and 33″ waist. Based on your size and fit in medium would you recommend a medium or large in the proton?

    1. You might want to go with a large for the Proton. My coworker Mark is 5’11 / 170 lbs and he says the medium fits him OK. However, I always just suggest getting the Alti membership for free returns + extra 5% off and order both so you can see which one fits the best.

    1. The Proton AR uses the Fortius face fabric and so is more are air permeable (think winter air conditioning, when you need it most). The insulation is also the Coreloft Continuous which has a consistent amount of insulation per centimeter squared. Finally the fit is slightly snugger than a Atom AR.

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