Arc’teryx Psiphon FL Hoodie Review

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Arc’teryx. Arc’teryx Psiphon FL Hoodie Review

Here’s a jacket for the active person that was designed to fully move with you and while wearing it, it won’t take long to notice the attention to detail that has gone into it.

The Arc’teryx Psiphon FL is a slightly stretchy soft shell that is both very light and stows away easily in a daypack. Made from TerraTex, it breaths very well when you are really exerting yourself but is still able to stand up to light rain.

The softer material also wasn’t noisy when running or climbing in it and I found it to be a trim fit. This style lends itself well when wearing a harness and even comes with a nice feature in the bottom edge of the jacket. There is a soft (removable) foam insert that prevents the jacket from slipping out from under a climbing harness which is especially nice when trying to fully extend your reach.

Anywhere where you might experience extra wear such as in the shoulders, Arc’Teryx has used a more durable fabric called Fortius 1.0 which stands up to both weather and your backpack straps. When I say ‘more durable’ however, it doesn’t add more bulk or weight than the TerraTex which explains why the entire jacket (while not an ultralight) only weighs 340 grams. The material also stands up to wind very well and I enjoy using it for backpacking thanks to it’s protection and ability to keep my temperature in check.

While being active (especially when stretching during an activity) you can inadvertently cause the main zipper to start un-zipping itself. Arc’teryx has added a slight modification to the zipper called the ‘No Slip Zip’ which puts the brakes on the zipper from completely running down your chest. From running, to climbing to Disc Golf, you will find the zipper isn’t something you will have to worry about. There are two meshed side hand pockets and one chest pocket all of which you can open for extra venting.

The hood is helmet friendly and can easily be adjusted at the back and sides. A nice simple touch was the little button snap that lets you roll up the hood when not in use (since it is a thin soft shell, the bulk of a rolled up hood won’t get in your way).

This jacket was made for climbing, but after using it for a while I’m sure you’ll love it so much that you’ll start integrating it into more and more of you outdoor activities as well. It’s breathability and ability to flow with your movements makes it a great multi-purpose layer that you should take with you everywhere.


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  1. Hi, big thanks for the review and photos. What’s your view on Arc’teryx Psiphon FL Hoodie vs arc’teryx gamma lt hoody? Both seem to be the same except the pocket arrangement and psi looks lighter.


    1. Hello Félix, both jackets are softshells. The Gamma LT is designed for all-around use and has a regular, hip-length fit, whereas the Psiphon FL is more geared for rock climbing and alpine climbing and boasts a more trim fit. Both are designed with technical features. Depending on what you are looking to use this jacket for, the Gamma will be more versatile if you will use it for a variety of activities. If you are looking for a garment more for climbing, the Psiphon will be your winner. Both boast the usual softshell features and will be breathable and weather resistant.

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