Arc’teryx Women’s Motus Crew and Sunara Tight Reviewed

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Arc’teryx, Running. Arc’teryx Women’s Motus Crew and Sunara Tight Reviewed
Just outside of Melbourne, Australia, lies the gentle countryside of the Mornington Peninsula. During Australia’s winter, the landscape is green and lush. The air is filled with the refreshing scent of eucalyptus. Fields are charmingly dotted with cows and sheep and the occasional kangaroo. The famous wineries of this region are quiet and vines are being pruned for the upcoming spring. In short, it’s a perfect place for a little cross-country run with the pup, and Arc’teryx has made a running kit that fits the bill.
arcteryx womens motus crew top
The fit of the Motus Crew short sleeve is excellent. The cap sleeves flatter the upper arm, and the bell-shaped bottom looks great. The light material dries quickly and could be worn through the summer and into warmer fall days. It could also function as a base layer under a warmer active piece like the Nodin Jacket. There are reflective bands on the sleeves of the t-shirt for night-time adventures or long runs that stretch into dusk.
The Sunara Tights are ¾ length and are just as flattering as the top. I was surprised that I really liked the color, as I normally would opt for a black legging. The deep red matches well with many of my running tops. 
 arcteryx womens sunara tights
I loved the stretch panelling of these leggings, and particularly appreciated the discrete pocket on the side of the pants that snugly fits my house key and a credit card. The stretch in the pants is comfortable, but I found that during runs the pants would need to be pulled up every so often.
These leggings are great for a brisk hike, walking the dog or going to yoga, but would need a tighter grip for longer runs. If you’re going for comfort and versatility, these leggings have got your butt attractively covered.
arcteryx womens sunara tights
So get yourself a little countryside, and enjoy the fresh air in comfort in the Arc’teryx Motus Crew and Sunara Tight. Playing with your dog and drinking a lovely glass of chardonnay instead is also a possibility. 

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