Backpacker’s Pantry Meals Reviewed

Text by: Marjolaine and Alex


The organization of meals for a multi-day trip can be time-consuming. There are lots of factors to consider: weight, conservation of food, energy needs, etc.. Being vegetarians, we were skeptical that dried food could be both tasty and nutritious. However, we were extremely pleased with Backpacker’s Pantry’s products. To our surprise, the company actually offers over 50 types of vegetarian options, and many alternatives for other special diets (vegan, no dairy, gluten free).

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Our review of this product
8.5 / 10

The pros are:

  • Facilitates organization of a multi-day trip
  • Easy and quick to prepare meals
  • Lightweight

The cons are:

  • Some of the meals are too salty
  • Portions can be a little too small

Initial Observations

When we first received Backpacker’s Pantry’s products, we were happy to see how lightweight and compact they were. We found a large variety of vegetarian meals, breakfasts, side dishes and even desserts all made from a combination of freeze-dried and dehydrated ingredients. We decided to try them on two different backpacking trips, one in northern Ontario and one in the Rockies, during which we would mostly eat dry food for breakfast and dinner.

Other Features

Our highlights include the Katmandu Curry and the Sticky Mango Rice which are both delicious and filling. The Three Sisters Stew, which we ate beside a stunning alpine lake in Waterton Lakes National Park, is a great mix of tons of goodies and also very satisfying.

As far as breakfast goes, our favourite was the Blueberry Milk and Granola which you can make, like many others, with hot or cold water. However, our preference is for the hot, heartwarming side of things when we get up at 5°C early in the morning!

It might be because it had been raining for hours and we could barely get a fire going, but our gold medal goes to the Pad Thai which was insanely tasty with its crunchy peanut topping. The Crème Brulée we had for dessert that night was also a very nice treat and something you don’t often have in the middle of the woods!

We thought some meals were a little too salty at first but later found the company makes low sodium options as well. For the rest, the meals were well balanced and complete. The portions may sometimes be a little too small (especially for guys), but we made sure to satisfy our stomachs by adding a side dish or dessert to our supper. Plan according to your appetite!

Overall Opinion

After a long day of playing outside, whether in the mountains or on the water, we greatly appreciated how little preparation was needed to enjoy our Backpacker’s Pantry’s meals. It also brings peace of mind to know that many of the products are all-natural or organic and that none of them contains MSG. Backpacker’s Pantry offers lots of yummy meals so you can spend more time enjoying the outdoors and less time preparing your food… and doing dishes! 

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  1. I’ve tried many meals from different compagnies over the past 10 years.
    I must say that HAPPY YAK (a french canadian entreprise) is my TOP choice. Yes, it might be a little more expensive than others, but the taste is great, portions are fantastic and the amount of salt in it are perfect. So I highly recommend to use that compagny instead of the other options out there. We’ve never been disappointed and we’ve pretty much tried them all.

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