Balancing act of an athlete

Text by: Mark Morrison

Norrona. Balancing act of an athlete

From a glance, some people might think that an athlete’s life is a piece of cake and all they have to do is train a bit and compete around the world. While that may be the case for some of the most famous athletes, but for most it’s a tricky balancing act of two full time schedules. You’re athletic life and your personal life.

As an athlete competing in snowboardcross I spend most of my summer training in the gym and working multiple jobs. The summertime balancing act is working as much as possible, without wearing myself out, but still having time to hit the gym six days a week.

The need get stronger at the gym is just as crucial as the need to make money so that I can afford to travel to competitions in the winter.

The wintertime balancing act is between how many competitions you can travel to, while holding at least one job and getting to the gym as many days as possible.

On top of all these things I try to force myself to spend time with friends to just forget about responsibilities and be a normal, social person!

The keys to success are hard work and balance. Every athlete needs to start from somewhere and put in a ton of hard work, but if they don’t balance out their priorities they could get frustrated, stuck and give up on what they love.

I have been lucky enough to find a job at the Creekside Market here in Whistler where my employers/coworkers support my snowboard career and understand that I’ll be away a lot in the winter! It’s things like this and my partnership with Altitude Sports X Norrøna that lifts a lot of stress of my shoulders and helps me along my way to success!

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