Best Winter Jackets to Wear While Waiting for the Bus

Text by: Kelsey Begg

Arc’teryx, Canada Goose, Fjällräven, Nobis, Quartz Co., Winter. Best Winter Jackets to Wear While Waiting for the Bus

We all know that getting to and from work or class can be a hassle on a good day and in some cases it only gets worse during the winter months. The freezing temperatures, finding the motivation to get up and go whiles it’s still dark out and even the extra traffic on the road. For those who’s daily commute includes waiting in the cold, winter weather, we’ve put together a list of our favourite winter jackets that’ll keep you warm and cozy while you wait for the bus! It’s hard enough getting out of your warm cozy bed with the flannel sheets and fuzzy duvet, but when it comes time to leave the house and step out into the frigid streets, it can be even harder. With one the winter coats listed below, you wont dread standing outside for extended periods of time while waiting for the bus. When you’ve got the right gear, you’ll want to embrace the winter weather!

Here are our favourite jackets to keep you warm while waiting for the bus:

1. Canada Goose: Women’s Shelbourne Parka & Men’s Langford Park



Canada Goose is famous for their ultra warm, high-end winter parkas. Insulated with duck down and fur trimmed hoods, these parkas are the go-to for those facing the harshest winter conditions and they’re even made right here in Canada! If you’re regularly caught standing in a blizzard doing the “I’m a little teapot” dance trying to stay warm while waiting for your bus to arrive, a Canada Goose parka may the winter jacket for you! These are only two from a collection of multiple models offered by Canada Goose so you can pick and choose to find the style and length you like the most. Most of their parkas are insulated with 625 fill power duck down and will in turn produce the same warmth. If you find you are a lady who gets really, really cold when the temperatures drop,you may find the Canada Goose Mystique Parka more appealing. It boasts a much longer fit and will feel as though you’re wrapped from head-to-toe in your warm duvet off your bed! Sorry guys, so far Canada Goose doesn’t produce any men’s styles in a similar length…


2. Quartz Co.: Women’s Laurentia Jacket & Men’s Adrian Jacket



Quartz Co. is one of our favourite Canadian brands! The products are all made in Canada with majority of the operations taken place here in Montreal. Their products are trusted by scientists and adventurers who venture off into the harshest winter conditions so we know they’re good. Also insulated with premium duck down, Quartz Co. jackets offer that hug of warmth you need when you’re in weather that’ll chill your bones. Aesthetically pleasing features such as cinch cords around the waist in the women’s jackets will add a little femininity to your winter look so you can feel good and look good! As for the men’s models, Quartz Co. has a variety of styles and fits that’ll suit every gentleman’s needs. Strategically placed pockets on the front add a nice touch for style and convenience. Quartz Co. has a variety of models ranging in styles and lengths for both men and women so you can find your perfect winter coat this season! All but two of the Quartz Co. models are equipped with fur trimmed hoods that are removable so you can choose to wear it with or without. Quartz Co. jackets are also equipped with fleece lined pockets so you don’t have to worry about cold hands if you’ve forgotten your mittens.


3. Nobis: Women’s She-Ra Parka & Men’s Yatesy Parka



Nobis is popular for its fashionable winter parkas that look great and keep you warm. Insulated with premium duck down, you’ll be laughing at the forecasted blizzards during for your morning commute because you know no matter what, you’ll be warm and cozy. These parkas will not only shield you from the cold winds and snow, but with their DWR coating, you’ll be protected from the rain and slush should the temperatures rise slightly. The smallest details make the Nobis products very appealing to the fashionistas and the fashion misters of the world. The She-Ra Parka for women not only boats a fur trimmed hood, but also has a fur lined collar so you’ll be extra warm and can leave the wool scarf at home! As for the Yatesy Parka for men, there is no fur lined collar but there is a fur trimmed hood so you can batten-down-the-hatches when the winds pick up and be sure to keep your body heat inside.

4. Arc’teryx: Women’s Patera Parka & Men’s Therme Parka



We all know Arc’teryx for their attention to detail and innovative technologies and designs that can be found in all of their products. They also produce gear that isn’t just for scaling mountains and shredding the gnar! This winter, rely on an Arc’teryx parka for protection against the winter conditions on your daily commute. Both the Patera Park for women and the Therme Parka for men are insulated with European goose down as well as Coreloft™ so you’ll be far from cold when it’s zipped up! Arc’teryx is no stranger to the waterproof game and to no surprise, both coats will keep you warm and dry so go ahead, stand next to that slush puddle near the sidewalk! These two parkas are the masterpiece which was created when a GORE-TEX® shell met an insulated parka. You’ve got the best of both worlds and don’t have to spend a single second worrying if your down and synthetic insulated parka will be damaged if the snow turns to slush later in the day.


5. Fjällräven: Women’s Kyla Parka & Men’s Down Jacket No. 16



If you’re looking for more of a casual, urban look for your winter parka, you may find some models in Fjällräven’s Fall/Winter collection that float your boat. The women’s Kyla parka is waterproof and warm so you don’t have to stress about planning to get to the bus stop as soon as the bus is arriving to avoid the cold weather. Both jackets are insulated with a mix of goose down and feathers so you can be confident that the winter temperatures won’t give you the chills while you wait. The men’s Down Jacket No. 16 is reversible and can be worn with the down side next to your skin, or outside. Just remember, the down side isn’t waterproof so if there is some wet weather in the forecast, you’re better off wearing the down side next to your skin. The khaki side which is made from G-1000 Eco (65% polyester, 35% cotton) can be waxed to offer even more water resistance if needed. Fjällräven is one of our Scandinavian brands that is making a name for itself and producing products for those who love the outdoors. If you are looking for a winter parka that’ll keep you warm and be a little more original this season, the Fjällräven collection may be just what you are looking for!


Stay Warm Out There This Winter

Winter doesn’t have to be a cold, treacherous month. Be smart when you’re shopping for your winter gear and make smart purchases. With the right gear, you may even find a new found love for the snowy, gingerbread-scented seasons! Banner Photo by Marc Lagneau

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