Black Diamond Alpine Start Hoody Review

Text by: Kevin Shepard

Black Diamond. Black Diamond Alpine Start Hoody Review

When I first was told I was receiving the Black Diamond Alpine Start hoody, I was a little less than enthused about the color of “Curry” or as I interpreted it “Curry Stain,” usually the one thing I am normally trying to keep off my jackets. That and Mustard, thankfully that was not my other choice.

However, Once I received the Jacket and put it on, I was actually super happy with the nice “Beige” color and the jackets overall construction and material. Once I put this on it fit perfect and felt nice and snug with the stretchable fabric. I was impressed with how the jacket had this snug yet loose breathable fit.

black diamond jacket

Our review of this product
8 / 10

The pros are:

  • Light Weight
  • Compact-able
  • Well-fitting jacket (non-restricting)
  • Water-resistant stretchable fabric
  • Durable Material
  • Room for a Helmet under the hood

The cons are:

  • No side pockets
  • Not waterproof in heavy rain
  • Tight around face and neck once zipped fully


The Men’s Black Diamond Start Hoodie is a great shell to have in your collection. It is ultra-lightweight and compact-able, yet is built from a strong, durable weather resistant material. It features elastic gaskets on the cuffs, drawstring adjustments for the waist band and the hood and one single chest pocket. The jacket is easily stuffed inside out into this pocket, where it zips up and has a loop to attach your stowed jacket to your climbing harness.

alpine start hoody

The Jacket does not however have zipper pockets on the sides, which doesn’t seem like a big deal, but it definitely deters me from using it as my daily driver around town or anything outside or sports.

bd jacket


This is a great softshell for running, biking, ski touring or paddling but is clearly built towards climbers who need protection from the elements but also need something that can pack down and is not too bulky.

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