The Black Diamond Front Point Bibs review

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Black Diamond, Ski & Snowboard. The Black Diamond Front Point Bibs review

Testing products can be such a chore, especially when it dumps a foot of snow on the test day.  Oh well, I pow(d)ered through.

Our review of this product
9.3 / 10

The pros are:



Great cut

The cons are:

Will it live up to its name

As I pulled them out of the car I was pretty happy with what I saw. If you read my review of the Sharp End Shell from Black Diamond, then you know what I thought of the shell. I was equally as impressed with the lower half.


The Black Diamond Front Point bibs for women are a hardcore model with a high chest and suspenders to really keep the cold/snow/wind away from my core. Like my husband, who has tried the Induction pant and much of the BBlack Diamond apparel, I initially was surprised at the snugness of the piece. I wouldn’t think having such a snug fit would be conducive to movement. However, onece on and working your way up the mountain, you will not realize you are wearing pants.


They stretch in all the right places.

One pocket in the chest panel and another in the leg are well placed and were ‘tight’ meaning you could not feel a chunky pocket moving around as you skinned or skied. The pockets leave enough room for a smart phone, keys or an energy bar. Considering most important items go in your shell or mid-layer I enjoyed not having too many bells or whistles.

The only whistle I really wanted the Front Point Bibs had: the poop chute at the back. Although I didn’t use them on the test model, I love having that feature. Especially if you are out all day.


Be warned that this is their hardcore model and so is full GORE-TEX Pro Shell. It does not have any panels without the membrane, so you can find more breathable pants out there if you fly up the mountain. These are made for mountaineers and skiers who want full protection and not necessarily the most breathability. I was fine with that as my legs are usually cold and so I don’t sweat much below the belt. The top is a different story.

The bibs have a a full zip that runs full-length, allowing for easy on and off, and of course have a built-in gaiter and reinforced inner leg preventing damage done by crampons/ski edges.


All in all I was very satisfied with the Black Diamond bibs. The fit is exceptional, the quality great, and they had all the features you can want.


Here, on a whole other trip at Alta mountain in Utah, you can see Thomas wearing the Black Diamond Front Point Pant for Men.





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