What is the Canada Goose Black Label Collection?

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Canada Goose, Winter. What is the Canada Goose Black Label Collection?

For those who haven’t yet felt the warmth of a Canada Goose jacket, or are looking to update their Kensington Parka, we present the refined aesthetic of the Black Label collection

In this collection, you’ll find the same durability and craftsmanship as you would from the rest of their selection. They have the insulated warmth needed to conquer arctic climates in the urban environment. However, these streamlined designs feature one noticeable difference. The traditional red, white and blue Canada Goose logo has been replaced by a muted black and grey logo. 

canada goose black label

Of course, for those who like to stick to tradition, favourites like the Men’s Langford Parka and the Women’s Trillium Parka are reliable as ever against the cold, as is the classic Women’s Expedition Parka.

Langford Parka


Trillium Parka


Expedition Parka


Once you’ve figured out which Canada Goose coat is right for you, take a look at the Black Label collection to choose your favourite for the upcoming winter season. 

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Black Label For Her

 The women’s Black Label Collection has a range of coats that take elegant, understated designs and streamline them for city life. 

Rossclair Parka Black Label


Aldridge Parka Black Label


Lorette Parka Black Label


Bennett Parka Black Label


Black Label for Him

The men’s Black Label Collection features parkas that combine utilitarian designs with a rugged urban aesthetic.

Wyndham Parka Black Label


Macmillan Parka Black Label


Chateau Parka Black Label


Balmoral Parka Black Label


The Black Label collection features the same fur-trimmed hoods, and goose down insulated jackets as the standard line of products. Monochrome colours, removable furs, cargo pockets, and interior backpack straps are some of the many design features that make the Black Label collection essential winter apparel. It’s the same high-quality construction of Canada Goose with an aesthetic optimized for urban living.   

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There is 37 thoughts on this article titled “What is the Canada Goose Black Label Collection?”.

  1. Can I order a Men’s Voyager jacket with Black label. Also how often to you restock different colors (black, blue, green, etc.) of this jacket?

    1. Hello Kirk, unfortunately, we do not have the Voyager available in the Black Label. It’s possible that Canada Goose does not make this model with a black label yet. As for reordering frequency, it really depends on the season and what is available. I don’t see any recent orders at the moment for this particular jacket.

  2. I have heard before that the black label chateau parka is lighter and thinner than the regular chateau parka. I just bought mine and my wife says the same thing. Is this true?

    1. Hello TC, the Black Label collection by Canada Goose is crafted the exact same way as the regular models so there is no difference in weight. The only difference between the two collections is the label itself.

    1. Hello Andrew, we have the regular Altona as well as the Black Label so it’s possible she chose the regular instead of the Black Lable. Both are the same price and exactly the same excluding the logo.

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