What is the Canada Goose Black Label Collection?

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Canada Goose, Winter. What is the Canada Goose Black Label Collection?

This season Canada Goose offers their Black Label collection which includes a few of your favourite Canada Goose models. On these products, you will still find the Canada Goose logo in the usual place (on the left arm) but the famous red, white and blue logo you are accustomed to will be replaced by a black and grey logo. The new logos are the same design and only use the different colours (shades) to offer a more sleek and discrete look.

Other models are still being designed with the original Canada Goose logo so if you’re not ready to give up the vibrantly coloured logo you don’t have to.

For those wishing for a little change and originality in their Canada Goose products, shop for the Black Label collection. Offering the same style, warmth and comfort, the Black Label Collection is sure to be a hit in the fashion world this season.

canada goose black label

Once you’ve figured out which Canada Goose coat is right for you, take a look at the Black Label collection to choose your favourite for the upcoming winter season.

Black Label For Her

Black Label for Him

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  1. i usually wear a small jacket – i like it slim fit and nothing bulky…i’m 5’8″ 153 lbs and would normally fit on an XS…sizing for the black label on the bomber says 38-40 chest…is this accurate or true to size ?

    1. Hello Gary, the measurements in the size charts are fairly accurate, they come directly from Canada Goose. If you prefer a more slim fit and are just on the cusp of the larger size, you may be able to get away with the smaller size. If ever in doubt, you can order both and with our lifetime membership, all orders within Canad have free shipping on returns also.

  2. I was all set to order the Rossclair this morning I was excited to find one in stock. I walk into a store who had the coat in the color i preferred Graphite, it also had the black label and I fell in love. I knew it had to be my coat. CG helped me out and cancelled my order so i am free to purchase the other Rossclair!!! I already have the Shelburne so this is a nice change. Kind of dressed up!!! Thank you CG!!!

  3. I recently ordered the Windermere Black Label coat for my son. It has no disc on the arm..and it says it in the description..on the Canada Goose site(Canadian) which I never noticed until after I got it. ” Limited edition with no label”. Why would they sell the jacket with no label. does anyone know??

    1. Hello Deborah, that seems very odd. Are you 100% sure it was the official Canda Goose website? There are some fake sites that are incredibly similar looking to the real one. If you check inside the jacket, the real Canda Goose jackets will have a hologram label sewn inside to prove its authenticity. Check the inside of your parka for this hologram label. If you’re unsure what to look for, scroll to the bottom of this page and you will see the hologram details. https://www.canadagoose.com/ca/en/counterfeit/counterfeit.html

    2. It is a limited edition and I’m my opinion is much more subtle especially to the business person who wants to be discrete. I tried it on at selfridges and loved it. Great purchase.

    1. Hello Mike, from my understanding, all Canada Goose coats always have a logo. The new black label logo is slightly more discreet for those who choose not to have the usual original logo.

  4. Looks like you guys ran out of size small in Clarence Coat Black Label. Can you tell me how to order this in the US without calling all of the authorized sites listed?

    1. Hello there, we are currently out of stock but have more on the way so keep an eye on the website as we have ordered some more of the Clarence.

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