Canada Goose Fusion Fit: Winter Coats Designed for Petite Body Frames

Text by: Philip Tomlinson

Canada Goose. Canada Goose Fusion Fit: Winter Coats Designed for Petite Body Frames

Who Should Buy the Canada Goose Fusion Fit?

Finding a winter jacket that fits can be hard when you have a body type that differs from the norm. That’s why Canada Goose has introduced their Fusion Fit sizing which is designed for men and women with smaller body frames.

The Fusion sizing is based on the average of 26 body measurements paired with over 16,000 individual body scans of Korean, Chinese and Japanese body frames.  Therefore, while the Fusion Fit will be great for anyone looking for Canada Goose jackets with shorter sleeves and jacket length, it was specifically designed for the typical Asian body type.

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Difference between Canada Goose Men’s Standard Sizing and Fusion Sizing

On average, the Fusion Fit men’s jackets have smaller chest measurements and slightly bigger waist sizes.  There is no difference however between the hip measurements for both sizing types.

Langford Parka


Chateau Parka


Carson Parka


Woolford Jacket




canada goose fusion fit 

Difference between Canada Goose Women’s Standard Sizing and Fusion Sizing

The biggest sizing differences happen for Canada Goose women’s jacket styles.  The average women’s Fusion Fit has a hip length 2” shorter than the standard Canada Goose.  While the bust and waist measurements tend to be between 0.5” and 1” smaller for the women’s Fusion Fit.

canada goose shelburne parka

Shelburne Parka


Kensington Parka


Rossclair Parka


Trillium Parka



Canada Goose released the Fusion sizing for some of their most popular styles such as Kensington Parka and Château Parka which you can all find at For other tips on finding the right sized winter coat for you, check out our choosing the right winter jacket guide. From sizing to features, this guide will surely help you find your ideal winter coat this season.

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