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Canada Goose. Canada Goose Sizing Chart

Canada Goose parkas are built to last a decade, if not a lifetime. With such high-end products, both in terms of cost and value, you want to make sure you get the right one. But it’s not just a question of choosing between the Kensington and the Trillium or between the Chilliwack and the Expedition; you also have to choose the right size. 

To help you out, we’ve set up this page with the sizing charts for men, women and tough. Please note that the measurements indicated refer to your body and not the jacket. Not only that, but the fit depends on which style you get. More on that later.+

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Canada Goose Women’s Sizing Chart

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Canada Goose Men’s Sizing Chart

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Canada Goose Children’s Sizing Chart

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Size & Fit

But wait! It’s not that simple. It never is in fact. But enough of my cynicism, although the sizing charts indicate the body size a jacket was made for, it is quite important to take into consideration the fit. Canada Goose uses three different fits, Slim, Regular and Relaxed.

Slim Fit

You’ll find that slim fit Canada Goose jackets are tighter than the average fit you’re used to wearing. If you like a fit that’s very close to the body, this one’s for you. If you are debating between two sizes, you should consider the larger of the two.





Regular Fit

You’ll find that the regular fit Canada Goose parkas have a pretty average fit, if slightly looser than most. You should simply get your normal size. Those who want it close to the body should be careful because ordering a size too small will mean sleeves that are too short.




Relaxed Fit

Relaxed in this case is an understatement. They are very loose. Perhaps the loosest you’ll ever wear in the corresponding size. This extra room has a function. In the coldest environments, on the coldest days, you’ll want to be able to add some layers. The looseness allows just that; it means you can easily add a good 10-15°C to your jacket.

Despite the looseness, all relaxed fit Canada Goose coats are still made for the body indicated in the sizing chart. If you are debating between two sizes, feel free to order the smaller one. If you are looking to downsize more than one size for a trimmer fit, you should think about getting another model.



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To find your perfect winter coat, you can check out our choosing the right winter jacket guide for some helpful tips. If you’re juggling between two sizes and are not sure which one is the right fit for you, we’ve got a guide with some helpful tips so you can be sure you’ve chosen the right sized winter jacket.
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  1. I am 6 ft tall and found the Kensington jacket too short in the sleeves. I am generally a medium and found the large Kensington too big in the body but the sleeves were long enough. Do any of your women’s parkas fit longer in the sleeve?

    1. Hey Amy, unfortunately the Kensington and models with a similar shape all have a similar arm length. Don’t forget that the large might feel loose when ou try it on with a t-shirt, but when winter strikes you will most probably be wearing layers underneath. Good luck

  2. Hi Mark, I’m interested in Langford parka, so can you please help me with the right size, I’m 192 cm and weight 100 kg, so could I fit in size Large. I’m affraid that XL would be too puffy on me, and I preffer a slimmer jacket if possible.

    1. Hey Bex, You could probably squeeze into a Large, but honestly I think it would be too tight and at your height the sleeves might be a little short. The nice thing about the Langford is that it is slightly more fitted than other models, so you don’t get that massive puffy look. My best suggestion would be to go for the XL.

      good luck.

  3. Hi,
    I want to get the Ontario parka for my dad, and he’s about 172cm tall. He’s pretty slim on his waist but has a broad chest and shoulder. I’m not sure about his chest size but I think his shoulders are around 41-42 inches. Would a medium Ontario parka fit him? or would it be too large?


    1. Hey Ji, according to ther CG size chart you should really go for a Large. It will probably be more comfortable with clothing underneath.

      Good luck.

  4. Hi Mark,
    I’m about to order the Trillium Jacket, but am debating sizes. I live in the Yukon, and the local carrier currently only has a Large to try on… I am 5’9 and 145 pounds. I have a slim athletic build, but i tend to find things a tad tight in the shoulders… I do wear only a 27 in jeans.. so I am stuck? do I get the medium (which is were my sizing indicates) or go down to a small (as i have heard the coats fit rather large)

    Because I live in the north I really need it for function.. but i still don’t want to look like a football player! Any advice would be great!! THANKS

    1. Okay Sonja, tough decision time. I just had a female staff try on the medium and she is 5’8”. It slightly too loose in the body, and the sleeves were slightly too long. I didn’t ask her weight because a gentleman never does.

      I think you could fit into a small comfortably. The caveat is that you live up north and will probably be layering under it, so keep that in mind, so if you don’t like things snug, then think size medium.

      Otherwise become a member on and you can get free shipping AND returns. People do order 2 sizes and return the one that doesn’t work (not this may not apply if you live outside of Whitehorse- call their customer service for details).

      Trillium is here:
      Membership is here:

      Good luck

  5. Hi mark! I’m looking to buy my dad a Canada goose jacket. He’s 5’6, 150lbs with a 38″ chest but he has a bit of a belly.
    I want a chilliwack jacket. What size should I get – sm or med?

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