Discounted Canada Goose Doesn’t Exist

Text by: Philip Tomlinson

Canada Goose. Discounted Canada Goose Doesn’t Exist

If you’re like me, you spend a lot of time shopping on the internet. You may even have looked for a Black Friday deal on Canada Goose. If you didn’t, this is what your search results would look like:

Black Friday Canada Goose SERP

Out of those five links, four lead to fraudulent websites. All the listed websites, other than The Globe and Mail, have been compromised. They will redirect you to a scam site like the one shown below:

boxing day canada goose sale

In other words, the websites have been hacked by individuals trying to make a dime on the back of people looking for discounted Canada Goose.

So before I dive into why Canadian luxury brands like Canada Goose, Nobis and Mackage are most likely not on sale when you want them to be, here’s how to spot a scam site.

How to Spot a Fake Canada Goose Discount

1. Are You Still on the Same Domain?

If you clicked on a link to, you should still be on the same site after the page loads. If you’ve been sent to a different domain selling cheap jackets, it’s probably a scam website.

2. Check the Authorized Online Dealer Section

If you’re still not sure, most official websites for luxury brands will have a section showcasing authorized retailers. For example, is on Canada Goose’s authorized online retailer list, but (I made that site up) isn’t.

3. Spelling Mistakes Everywhere

No legitimate website would have “Lorem Ipsum” in their copy or blatant misspelling or capitalization errors. If the website’s copy doesn’t make sense, you’re probably going to get scammed.

cheap canada goose welcome button

If you follow these three tips, you will not be fooled by 99% of fake luxury brand outlets websites.

Why Canada Goose Never Goes on Sale

Truth be told, it’s resources. Canada Goose parkas are all made in Canada with premium down and coyote fur from certified Canadian trappers. Due to the limited resources and manpower, Canada Goose never ends up creating enough supply to satisfy the growing demand for their products.

That’s why you won’t be finding cheap Canada Goose anytime soon and should be wary of any retailer offering them at a discount.

In any case, you can’t go wrong with paying full price for outerwear produced by any Canadian premium outerwear brand. Their winter coats will keep you warm for years and I doubt they will be going out of style anytime soon.

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  1. I bought from they are nothing to do with canada goose. I bought a coat for £209 and got suspicious when they took £237.04. I investigated and the address on thevwebsite leads to an genuine dealer who has nothing to do with this chinese fake company. Ive spoken to my bank who are dealing with 5 cases a day from canada goose rip.offs and this is one of them. I can only dispute the claim after 15 days or if i receive fake goods. I will definitely get my money back but im very upset. Im disabled and truly believed it was a xmas sale. Now i have no gift for my new husband. I feel sick to my stomach.

    1. hi jill me too scammed out of £300 supposedly £271 o site but did not notice the extra s and i have since sent them e mails without success, its horrible isnt it

  2. ordered 2 parkas from what I assumed was Canada Goose in Toronto on Bowie Ave near where I live. Website was identical to Canada Goose’s site and says they are an Authorized Canada Goose Dealer. The amount jumped from $618 to $685 and then I got a notice my order is coming from China by DHL. I checked with Canada Goose and they never heard of the company and so they are counterfeit but WHY would Canada Goose not use the RCMP to shut these sites down so people are not being lied to?? My position now is if the parkas are warm and don’t fall apart when I sneeze why not keep them. I had a TREK bicycle that says it was 100% Union Made in the USA and I found out only the Label was Union Made in the USA and the entire bike was made in China but TREK was selling them not some on-line vendor pretending to be TREK. Seriously if Canada Goose wants to stop on-line sellers selling counterfeit products shouldn’t Canada Goose be shutting those sites down?

    1. Sorry to hear about your dilemma Rachel. Unfortunately, there are many counterfeit Canada Goose websites that look like the real deal. For the safest shopping, try using the Canada Goose counterfeit test page here: Put the regular HTML from the website homepage and it will tell you whether they are authorized or not. Another tip, cheap Canada Goose really doesn’t exist so if you see it discounted, it’s a very high chance that it is not real.

  3. This is excellent. I cancelled my credit card before they could get my money and they still sent me an email saying I bought something…. terrible shady people

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