Cooking While Camping: The Essentials

Text by: Camille Domon

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Cooking while camping is always a bit of a challenge, especially after a day of paddling in a lake, climbing peaks or pedaling on a forest path, you rarely want to break ya sweat when it comes to meals. Whether you’re headed for a quiet getaway over the weekend, or a long trip, your best asset is definitely planning. You will also avoid eating hiker’s mix at every meal.

Before leaving, it is important to clearly identify for how many people you will be cooking for, how many days you are leaving, how many meals are to be planned and whether you have significant weight or space limitations. Above all, do not forget to provide some snacks in case of cravings!

Often, the equipment you take with you will greatly influence the quality of your meals. Here is a small guide to help you cook almost like a chef while camping.

A Stove



Hiker + Multi Fuel

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Svea White Gas

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From lunch to dinner, the stove is an essential part of the camping kitchen. It is therefore important to choose one that suits your needs. There are 4 types that vary according to the fuel: wood, gas, gasoline or multi-combustible. Each one has its qualities and cons too, so before you choose your stove, figure out which one suits you best.

If you’re looking for something lightweight and easy to use for long hikes where limiting cluster is required, go for a gas stove like the MSR Reactor or gasoline like Optimus Svea. A little heavier, however, it is much easier to power multi-fuel stoves such as the Optimus Hiker + or wood burners such as Biolite.

Whatever model you choose to cook your meals, do not forget your fuel and your maintenance kit!

Cook Sets

GSI Outdoors

Glacier Stainless Cookset M

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Flex 4 System

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A set of various sizes of pots that fit easily together paired with bowls that are durable and lightweight. There are several options containing more or less varied sets of kitchen accessories but it’s up to you to see how many people will share your table and how many dishes you will in fact need. Versatile and easy-to-use dishes will help you prepare delicious meals easily, no matter where the adventure takes you.

A Good Knife

knife 1


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knife 2


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If it is important to carry the necessary number of basic utensils with you, and so you must not forget to include a good knife. Whether you choose a unique blade such as the Opinel or for a multi-tool, having a quality knife is a classic item that always stands up extremely useful while camping, not just for cooking.

A Cooler

cooler 1


Adventure Cooler 7 qt

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cooler 2


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If you are not too limited in what you can carry with you during your expedition, you will certainly want to store your perishables in a cooler. Waterproof and sturdy, these two cooler models are easily transported during a picnic in the forest, a kayak trip or a fishing excursion. In addition to keeping your food fresh, they can even double as a chair during a well-deserved break.

Little Tips to Make a Big Difference

If you still have room in your bag, here are a few last items you can slip in for the journey:

  • A coffee maker for those who can not do without their morning coffee.
  • Small jars to transport salt, pepper, spices and condiments. This can make all the difference for a successful camping meal.
  • Carrying biodegradable dish soap is a good reflex to have for campers who care about preserving the environment they are visiting.
  • Why not bring a wine decanter, because after all, being camping is also about being on holiday!
  • A tool for water treatment: filter or pellets, depending on your destination, it can be an essential accessory.

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  1. You made a good point that a knife would always come in handy every time you schedule a camping trip. The use of a knife is not only limited to your cooking needs but is also essential in terms of cutting some loose stems or leaves. If I were to go camping, I will make sure to bring a knife along with me.

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