Must-have Cooking Gear for Picnics & Camping

Text by: Kelsey Begg

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Now that the weather is starting to feel a bit more like spring and the sunshine has settled down on her hide-and-seek shenanigans, the parks and terraces are starting to be full of life again. You can hear birds chirping, kids laughing and playing and even the odd busker playing a tune or two on a park bench.

When I pass through the park on my way home from work at night there’s often a small group of people making music together, hoola-hooping, slack lining and simply enjoying the evening. I love it!

Spring is the start of festival season, endless picnics and simple fun in the great outdoors! How do you welcome in the warm spring weather and longer days? With so much open green-space free to use around Montreal from Mont Royal to Parc La Fontaine and Parc Sir-Wilfrid Laurier to Parc Jarry, the opportunities are endless!

Two of my favourite spring time activities would have to be having picnics and camping. After a long day at work staring out the window, yearning for that sweet sun, nothing feels more satisfying than kicking back and relaxing in the sun with some friends, some snacks and a cold beverage.

Whether you’re headed for an afternoon picnic with the family, a sunset barbecue with some friends or a spontaneous camp out in the backyard, we’ve got you covered for gear!

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Cooking Gear for Wine & Cheese Outdoors

Before heading out on any excursion you want to plan your meal whether it be lunch, a snack or dinner. Are you bringing wine and cheese? A baguette with all the fixings to make a sandwich? Or chicken and veggie kebabs to grill at sunset? Whatever it is you choose, these decisions will impact the gear you bring.

For a picnic with cheese and wine, the most essential tool (should you accidentally choose a bottle without a twist-top) is a corkscrew. Without your trusty corkscrew your wine drinking will be thrown on the backburner so don’t forget your magical tool!
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Camping Set 5PC

This Victorianox Camping Set includes a corkscrew, a serrated utility knife as well as a paring knife. First and foremost, you can access the well deserved wine hiding inside the bottle with the corkscrew. Once you’re sippin’ on the sweet red wine, you can use the serrated utility knife to cut small, bite-sized pieces of cheese and the paring knife to cut up apple slices. Enjoy all the flavourful snacks at your picnic with this handy camping set!
msr-05334_no-color copie

Alpine Cutting Board

When you’re picnicking with cheese, a cutting board which is often forgotten, is always handy. Having a solid surface to cut your cheese will keep it effortless and avoid making a mess of the pricey block of you brought along.

Mizu Wine Cup Set (2)

Show-off your sleek, urban side with a set of these Mizu Wine Cups! Made of Stainless Steel, this wine cup set will avoid the waste of one-time-use plastic or paper cups and keep you and your wine looking cool and refreshed in the park.

Throwing the Perfect Barbecue in Nature

When it comes to BBQs in the park, carting around your massive, Coleman camping stove that your parents have had for the last fifteen years can be a bit tiresome not to mention difficult if you’re traveling by bike. Nowadays there are plenty of smaller options that are great for the campground and little BBQs in the park!


CampStove Bundle

The Biolite CampStove Bundle is the perfect size for a BBQ for two! This handy bundle not only includes a portable grill which can be used for grilling hotdogs or kabobs in the park, but also includes a USB power output. No need to worry if your phone dies while you’re jamming to some smooth, tunes watching the city come alive.

One of the coolest features of the Biolite CampStove is that it is fueled by wood. You can eliminate the weight of bringing along extra fuel canisters and just gather any small twigs, pinecones or wood pellets surrounding your BBQ spot to keep dinner cooking!


Alpha Set – knife, fork & spoon

Stop Using Plastic Cutlery

Once dinner is cooked it is time to eat! Fumbling around with dinky, plastic cutlery can be a hassle and can get frustrating if you’re really hungry and just want the food in your ‘bellay’! The Sea to Summit Alpha Set includes a knife, a fork and a spoon which are held together by a mini-carabiner. These sturdy utensils are made of hard anodized aluminum and each utensil has a different sized hexagonal shaped hole (3mm, 4mm, 5mm) which works as a hex wrench. Talk about handy!
foz-fsolobl_blue copie

Solo Kit

Paper and plastic plates are convenient for big groups and eliminate dishes to wash but they also pile up in landfills if they are not recycled appropriately. Keep your picnic waste to a minimum and check out the Fozzils Solo Kit. This is an extremely lightweight and thin kit which is ideal for camping, picnics and BBQs. Each piece folds down flat for easy storage and packing but can snap up quick to be ready for use in seconds! jtb-zip_blue-stream

Jetboil Zip Cooking System

When the sun goes down but you aren’t ready to head home quite yet, whip up a hot cup of cocoa with the Jetboil Zip Cooking System! Boiling in under three minutes, you can be enjoying some delicious, hot cocoa while gazing at the stars above all cozy and warm. If you fancy a little Milky Way in your hot cocoa, you can add a splash or two of your favourite cream to spice it up.

When it comes to cookware and utensils there are many items that are great for adventures out in the backcountry as well as simple trips to the park for a picnic. The size, simplicity and engineering of these products are part of what makes them so appealing for everyone!

The goal behind Altitude-Sports is to promote the outdoors by selling quality outdoor products for all adventures. We want you to have the essentials and proper gear to ensure every minute you spend outdoors exploring is a memorable one that makes you eager for more. So get out there and enjoy the wilderness this season (and every other season for that matter)! Whether it be a short stroll through the park with your pup or a camping trip with your gang in the Laurentians, enjoy the fresh air.

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