Discover the Canadian Outdoor Magazine, BESIDE

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. Discover the Canadian Outdoor Magazine, BESIDE

BESIDE Magazine

Are you a lover of the great outdoors? Whether you’re an intrepid adventurer or a dreamy nomad, BESIDE is for you! Far from being focused on celebrity gossip, competition or performance, this Quebec magazine strives instead to give a voice to nature. Throughout its pages, we find editorial content on the outdoors, social reflections and recreational travel stories that are addressed to this community of people who see the trees of a forest, the bends of a river or the summit of a mountain, as a playground with infinite possibilities.

The magazine is published twice a year and contains more than 100 pages of content. Proud of its roots in Québec, it is written individually in English (where it appears under the name BESIDE) and in French where you can feel the experiences of the wild spaces at the heart of the written pieces.

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Beyond their desire to write articles about sustainable outdoor activities, BESIDE is committed to taking concrete actions to protect the environment. For each copy sold, a donation of $ 1 will be donated to a charity dedicated to the preservation of nature, including the Outdoor Foundation and PurNat.

It is true that there is a paradoxical side to producing a printed magazine that promotes lasting behavior. Each issue is made of 100% recycled paper. It is the compromise of BESIDE which is that one can appreciate their photographs and their texts no matter where one is, either in the comfort of a living room or in a tent in the heart of the woods. And then, as they themselves say, “100% recycled paper is much more practical to light a campfire!”

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In the end, BESIDE wishes to offer high-quality content focused on a rediscovery of nature respecting the environment, in order to play outside as often as possible.

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