Discover the Norrøna 29 Parka Collection

Text by: Kelsey Begg

Norrona. Discover the Norrøna 29 Parka Collection

Head out into the harshest winter storms without hesitation with the Norrøna /29 parka collection. These long fitting, urban-style winter parkas are designed with the most extreme winter conditions in mind. Available in a variety of models for both men and women, you’re sure to find the perfect style to suit your urban needs. 

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norrona 29 parka collection

For Her

norrona womens 29 gore-tex primaloft parka

/29 GORE-TEX® PrimaLoft Parka


norrona womens 29 dri2 coat

/29 Dri2 Coat


norrona womens 29 dri2 primaloft coat

/29 Dri2 PrimaLoft100 Coat


Above are a few of the models available in the /29 parka collection. Each has a clean, sharp look that thrives in an urban environment.

The first model, the /29 GORE-TEX® PrimaLoft Parka, is a unique parka that is ideal for any winter conditions. Offering optimal weather protection, you’re ready for whatever storms Mother Nature has up her sleeve. The PrimaLoft® Sport 200gr/m2 insulation is sure to keep you warm and comfortable even when the harshest winter, winds hit. 

The second and third models both utilize the Dri2 waterproof membrane instead of a GORE-TEX® membrane. This membrane provides enough weather products to keep you comfortable and dry from fall until early spring. Although the jackets are similar, the /29 Dri2 PrimaLoft100 Coat has added warmth thanks to the PrimaLoft100 insulation which the /29 Dri2 Coat lacks. Paired with the waterproof Dri2 shell, you get weather protection, warmth and breathability all in one.

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norrona 29 parka collection details

For Him

norrona mens 29 gore-tex primaloft parka

/29 GORE-TEX PrimaLoft Parka


norrona mens 29 dri2 coat

/29 Dri2 Coat


norrona mens 29 dri2 primaloft coat

/29 Dri2 PrimaLoft Coat


The /29 collection from Norrøna boasts urban styles that are equipped with technical features suitable for your everyday routine. 

Crafted with GORE-TEX®, the /29 GORE-TEX® PrimaLoft Parka for men is a versatile coat ideal for all types of winter conditions. From ice rain and sleet to hail and snow, this parka keeps you dry while the PrimaLoft insulation cuts sharp wind keeping you warm. 

The other two model shown above are also part of the /29 parka collection but rather than being crafted with GORE-TEX®, they use the Dri2 membrane. This 2-layer waterproof membrane offers weather protection while also remaining highly breathable to ensure the wearer’s comfort. Unlike the /29 Dri2 Coat, the /29 Dri2 PrimaLoft100 Coat is insulated with PrimaLoft100 insulation offering the wearer added warmth and comfort. 

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Wherever your daily, urban routine takes you, the Norrøna /29 parka collection are designed to be durable, stylish and weatherproof so you can tackle winter conditions without hesitation. 

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