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Text by: Kelsey Begg

The North Face. Discover The North Face Ventrix™ Collection

Being one of the leading brands within the outdoor industry, it’s no secret that when you shop for The North Face, you get quality and performance products over a range of outdoor activities. Each season brings new designs and technologies that further enhance the performance of their athletes and those who choose their products.

Earlier this season, The North Face introduced their Apex Flex GTX® jacket which was a hit for those looking for lightweight yet robust weather protection and breathability. Now, they have introduced their Ventrix™ collection, a lightly insulated jacket that features their new state-of-the-art Ventrix™ ventilation.

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tnf ventrix collection

The North Face Ventrix™ Collection

Layering for outdoor activities just got even better with the Ventrix™ collection. Crafted with the state-of-the-art Ventrix™ ventilation, you can take to the trails in comfort and benefit from a balanced body temperature while tackling challenging terrain. This lightweight, synthetic jacket is designed with your toughest outdoor pursuits in mind and is sure to be a favourite among hikers, mountaineers and ski-tourers this season. 

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The Details

The Ventrix™ collection includes two models, a jacket as well as a hoodie for both men and women. Each is available in a range of colours so you can find your perfect hue and stand out on the trails, in the city or on the peaks. It was originally designed to meet the demand for lightweight, insulated jackets that provide adequate enough breathability for those practicing highly aerobic activities in variable weather conditions. With the new Ventrix™ ventilation, The North Face succeeded in creating just that.

Although the Ventrix™ is a lightweight and breathable jacket, it doesn’t mean it is too feeble for tough alpine pursuits. A high-denier fabric is used in high abrasion areas such as the forearms for added durability and strength so you can explore without concern of damaging the jacket.

The Ventrix™, much like a softshell jacket, is not waterproof but is equipped with a DWR finish. This finish keeps the wearer protected during changes in the weather although will not provide optimal weather protection should the rain become heavy. In this case, a waterproof shell or the Apex Flex GTX jacket would be needed.

the north face womens ventrix hoody

The North Face Ventrix™ for Her

tnf ventrix jacket black womens tnf ventrix jacket coral the north face womens ventrix hoodie blue the north face womens ventrix hoodie

The North Face Ventrix™ for Him

the north face ventrix jacket mens the north face mens ventrix jacket the north face mens ventrix hoodie ventrix hoodie mens

the north face mens ventrix jacket

Ventrix™ Ventilation

So what is Ventrix™ ventilation and why is it so great? The Ventrix™ dynamic venting insulation is a step towards the next evolution of synthetic-insulation technology. It has laser-perforated slits or holes which are located in hot areas such as under the arms and on the center-back. These perforated-slits remain closed when you are sitting or standing still but once you are active, the slits expand and open, allowing moisture to escape and enhancing ventilation. 

Why Buy the Ventrix™?

This Ventrix™ ventilation paired with lightweight, highly air-permeable fabrics makes this jacket a valuable garment in any outdoor enthusiasts wardrobe. It is designed like a softshell, highly breathable, flexible and lightweight making it ideal for highly aerobic activities during variable weather conditions. The Ventrix™ provides the warmth and protection you need when it’s cool and damp but offers optimal air permeability keeping you from overheating. For those outdoor explorers who don’t let grey, damp weather keep them from their adventures, the Ventrix™ is for you.

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