Discover Patagonia’s Fair Trade Certified™ Collection

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Patagonia. Discover Patagonia’s Fair Trade Certified™ Collection

Since its founding in the 1970s, Patagonia has rapidly established itself within the world of outdoor activities. Initially geared towards climbing enthusiasts, the California brand now offers high-quality eco-responsible products for a variety of outdoor activities. Above all, it offers equipment for nature lovers who are conscious of their impact on the planet and their consumer habits.

To raise public awareness of environmental issues, Patagonia decided to take matters into their own hands and lead by example. The brand combines waste reduction initiatives by using recycled and biological materials in the manufacturing of its products. They use materials such as recycled polyester which can be found in a variety of their products.

While preserving the environment is the main battleground, Patagonia is also aware that respect for the planet also depends on the well-being of those who live on it. The brand has therefore developed a range of Fair Trade Certified™ products and created their own  Fair Trade Certified™ collection. Earlier this season, they had launched their Fair Trade Certified™ swimwear collection so as the seasons change, you can replace your swimwear with fleeces like the Synchilla Snap-T or the Better Sweater which are ideal for the cooler months.

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patagonia fair trade certified collection

Fair Trade Certified™

Launched in 1998, the Fairtrade program quickly grew in popularity and importance within Patagonia. Today, from Mexico to Thailand via Sri Lanka, there are more than 12 fair trade certified manufactures that the brand employs throughout the world. In addition to guaranteeing excellent working conditions and a competitive salary for these employees, Patagonia is committed to paying premiums to manufacturers for every fair product sold. Employees are then free to choose how to use the sum. In Hirdaramani, Sri Lanka, for example, a care clinic for the children of workers, was set up through this process.

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The Better Sweater 

patagonia womens better sweater 1/4 zip

Women’s Better Sweater 1/4 Zip


patagonia womens better sweater full zip

Women’s Better Sweater Jacket


patagonia mens better sweater full zip

Men’s Better Sweater Full Zip


patagoni amens better sweater 1/4 zip

Men’s Better Sweater 1/4 Zip


Not only does the Better Sweater have a great look, it’s exceptionally versatile too and available as a vest. Wear it for a cool evening spent in town or use it as a base layer during your alpine excursions, this jacket made of polar fleece, has a stylish exterior finish and a soft, comfortable interior. Proud to be Fair Trade Certified™, the Better Sweater is also Bluesign™ certified thanks to its fabrics that are dyed with fair-trade friendly dyes. This standard makes it possible to reduce the number of dyes, water and energy required for the production of the garment along with many others.

The Better Sweater is a coat that is a favourite for any outdoor outing. It boasts great style, supreme comfort and is proudly produced ethically.

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patagonia fair trade certified apparel

Lightweight Synchilla Snap-T

patagonia womens lightweight synchillas snap-t pull over

Women’s Synchillas Snap-T Pull Over


patagonia mens lightweight synchilla snap-t hoody

Men’s Synchillas Snap-T Hoody


patagonia mens synchillas snap-t fleece pull over

Men’s Synchilla Snap-T Pull Over


Welcome autumn with open arms wearing this comfortable and cozy classic. Do not be fooled by the “lightweight” in the name because, although it is lightweight, the double-sided fleece made of recycled polyester provides exceptional warmth. For your active weekends, the Synchilla Snap-T is an ideal companion that will wick away perspiration, dry quickly and protect you from the wind. Enjoy new views and discover new trails in the timeless comfort of the Synchilla Snap-T.

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