Dynafit Yotei GTX Jacket Review

Text by: Étienne Roy-Martel

Dynafit, Ski & Snowboard. Dynafit Yotei GTX Jacket Review

The Dynafit Yotei GTX is a waterproof breathable hardshell which is designed for ski touring.

Named in honour of Mount Yotei in Japan, renowned for its profound powder. I have put the jacket to test over the year in a variety of conditions on the east coast of Canada.

Dynafit is a company which is respected for their equipment so I was very excited to test out the jacket and see what their softgoods have to offer, here is what I thought.


The Fabric

The shell is made of Gore-Tex C-Knit 3 layers. Gore-Tex claims that this fabric is 10% lighter and 15% more breathable and quieter than the Gore-Tex Pro fabric. For an activity at -25°C, I took the opportunity to compare the jacket with my friend’s jacket which is made of Gore-Tex Pro fabric. The difference was fairly obvious. Using the Gore-Tex C-Knit 3 layers fabric makes it possible to lower the weight of the jacket to 542 grams while retaining the necessary features and functionality for high-speed skiing. These include the removable snow skirt, adjustable hood, snow-protective sleeves and ventilation zips. When the snow skirt is removed, we end up with a shell that weighs 361 grams putting it in the ultra-light category.


Design & Details

The design and details closed the deal for me. I particularly liked the elastic wrist gaiters in the sleeves which effectively protect the sleeves from filling up with snow in deep powder. These wrist gaiters are made of a thin material which allows me to wear them comfortably inside my gloves without any unpleasant bunching.

I found the location of the ventilation zips particularly clever as they are at the back of the arms. This placement allowed me to keep them open during the descents without having the head-on wind feeling uncomfortable for me. Moreover, this placement makes them easier to access.

The chest pockets are a convenient size for storing skins and are accessible while wearing a backpack. A smaller, internal pocket is integrated into the larger pocket and is very useful for storing keys and/or cliff bars.

The Yotei is designed with a wide enough cut allowing enough room for multiple layering pieces. Seams are strategically placed so I never felt my movements were restricted. I found the length suitable although slightly longer than what I am used to.

Finally, the hood incorporates a semi-rigid visor and an adjustment cord. It is comfortable to wear with or without a helmet.



Although initially designed for ski touring, this shell can be used for a variety of outdoor sports. I took this shell with me while climbing a multi-pitch as well as for a mountain outings in the Chic Chocs. This shell isn’t necessarily ideal for city use due to the lack of hand pockets and the cut is designed to be worn with multiple layers underneath. However, it is suitable and performs for several uses in the mountains. For the 2016 edition, Dynafit has modified the colours of the shell making it now available in Citro or Octane.

In the end, my confidence in Dynafit equipment now extends to their clothing game.

The Yotei is my new shell of choice for ski touring.


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