Étienne’s Everyday Carry

Text by: Étienne Roy-Martel

Nixon, Opinel. Étienne’s Everyday Carry

Here is what you will find in my ‘pockets’ during my everyday escapades. These are objects that are intimate to me in that I feel naked without them. I say pockets, but we understand each other that I commute by bike to work and so my pockets include my small backpack. If you like classic styling with a minimalist touch, then take a gander below.

Abus lock Nixon watch pocket dump

1 – Abus u-lock mini: Bike thieves are tenacious in Montreal, and that is why you need a rock solid lock.

2 – Opinel knife: Always be ready for the surprise baguette/cheese/dried meat in the park.

3 – High quality pen (I’m a graphic designer, go figure)

4 – Nixon Sentry Leather watch:  The slogan for the brand Nixon is “Never be Late”- do I need another reason?

5 – Electric Knoxville polarized sunglasses: So you don’t miss anything that happens on those bright, bright days.

6 – Nixon Satelitte Big Bill wallet:  For five years now, it can always be found in my back left pocket

7 – Mini-moleskine: Because good ideas disappear quickly.

8 – Lezyne Multitool: Almost every important tool is on this tool to make repairs at home or on the road.

9 – Keys: They aren’t to my heart. They are normal keys.

10 – Iphone 4s: Cracked screen, of course.

Nixon wallet bike commuter everyday carry

What do you think? What would you add?

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