Far North Look: For the Coldest Climates

Text by: Vincent Desmarais

Arc’teryx, Baffin, Canada Goose, Fjällräven, Hillsound, Icebreaker, Leatherman, Mountain Hardwear, Norrona, Outdoor Research, SIDAS, Smartwool, Therm-ic, Zeal Optics. Far North Look: For the Coldest Climates

Let’s be honest, I’ve never been that far out in the Far North, but it doesn’t take much to figure out that the climate is extremely cold. To appreciate its richness, the right gear is definitely needed. For you, explorers of this world, I’ve gathered the best of the best that can be found. Efficient, resistant, reliable and good looking items that will keep you warm and comfy even though you’re in the middle of the wildest snowstorm. Knowing for a fact that my midnight winter walks in good old Montreal  are nothing, compare to Nordic expeditions, I still tried to remember what were the areas of my body that rang the first bell when I started feeling the cold. This is how I developed this entire look, the goal being to stay warm, good looking and most of all, really practical.

First  of all, your extremities. Your feet and your hands need to be protected or else you’ll risk a frostbite or worst, loosing a toe. Here are the perfectly designed elements you’ll need to acquire to keep them warm and functioning:

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The North Face THERM-IC Smartwool Baffin SIDAS

Volcano Heat insole, by SIDAS (4)

Warming elements combined to an insole in order to optimize your comfort when most needed. This is one great idea to serve your well being. You just need to replace your current insole with those and trust me, you won’t get cold feet.

Phd Nordic Medium socks, by Smartwool (2)

Developed especially for the coldest weather. In addition to its optimal elasticity, theses socks feature the Reliawool technology in strategic zones so they last longer. The merino wool will regulate your temperature and won’t suffocate your feet.

Control Max boots, by Baffin (3)

These boots resist cold through extreme temperature such as minus 70 degrees. The Articflex technology guarantees the boot’s flexibility and the Icepaw technology will make sure you have solid ground. The Epic series from Baffin uses the latest technology breakthrough to offer light and reliable boots. Read our winter boot buying guide for tips on how to find your ideal winter boots for the harsh Northern, winters.

PowerGlove IC 1300 gloves, by Therm-ic (1)

An intelligent high-tech interior that keeps your fingers warm for as much as 10 hours. Primaloft insulation, breathable, waterproof (Dryzone membrane) and the IMPULSE-CONTROL feature stimulates your blood circulation to prevent frostbites.

look grand froid

Arc'teryx Canada Goose Icebreaker Mountain Hardwear Norrøna Outdoor Research

Zone One Sheep suit, by Icebreaker (7)

Under all the layers we’re about to put on, the first one plays a role of temperature regulator, so the first thing that came to my head was Icebreaker’s merino wool. The Zone One Sheep suit is a one-piece that uses the BodyfitZONE to insulate your body strategically with breathable panels that will regulate your temperature wisely.

Roldal Gore-Tex Primaloft insulated pants, by Norrona (9)

After a few hours of walking in the cold, our thighs can start stinging, especially when the wind starts blowing. You will love the warmth sensation provided by the Roldal pants by Norrona. Waterproof and  fully insulated, you are protected by two layers of Gore-Tex and by the Primaloft Silver insulation.  Surprisingly, they remain light and really breathable.

Atom Lt hoody, by Arc’teryx (5)

Your upper body will most definitely need a mid-layer under your jacket to stay protected against the strong cold wind. There are numerous advantages to Arc’teryx’s Atom Lt hoody. You can wear this jacket on its own since its outer shell is windproof and waterproof or you can wear it as a mid-layer because of its lightness and capacity to be compressed.

Polar Bear Expedition parka, by Canada Goose (6)

Designed for the Mcmurdo Station’s Scientists, the Polar Bear Expedition parka from Canada Goose will follow you through the toughest snowstorm and won’t let you down. The list of features it presents is quite exhaustive, so I invite you to read more about it. It goes without saying that this jacket also looks good and the multiple wide pockets are really useful. Interesting fact, every time a jacket is sold, $25 are donated to Polar Bears International. For more tips on picking the ideal winter coat, check out our choosing the right winter jacket guide.

Power Stretch Balaclava, by Mountain Hardwear (10)

Keep your head straight avoid a frozen nose with Mountain Hardware’s skin tight version of the balaclava. It covers your entire face and won’t move, all thanks to the jersey Polartec textile it’s made of.

Phoenix Risinf Hd2 Camera ski goggles, by Zeal Optics (14) – Nordic Heater Hat. by Fjällräven (13)

You’ll be proud to show off all the videos you’ve taken, but mostly you’ll be grateful for the protection they provide. Zeal Optics redesigned the ski goggles and combined them to an HD camera. Transferring your videos directly to your mobile fun easily and keep a souvenir of every moment. The only thing left to put on is your Fjällräven Nordic Heater hat. A really warm had made of synthetic fur which will cover your ears in style when the storm hits.

look grand froid

Leatherman Hillsoundc Fjällräven ZEAL Optics

Mut multi-tool, by Leatherman (11)

This is the type of item you can’t leave home without. Small, complete and solid would be the words that describe best the MUT multi-tool by Leatherman. A tactical tool that features 16 different functions. You can even replace some of the most commonly used parts easily and it comes with a nice handle bit storage to keep it safe and a MOLLE sheath and scope adjustment wrench.

Expedition Crocodiles gaiters, by Outdoor Research (8)

When you’ll be walking in 4 feet of snow, you certainly want to make sure there is absolutely no way for snow to slide in your boot. Expedition Crocodiles gaiters will do that for you. They were specially designed to go over large equipment such as your boots and insulated pants.

Trail Crampon Ultra, by Hillsound (12)

Let’s say you’ve gone a little to far up, well it’s possible that the only ground you’ll see is ice. If that’s the case make sure to wear these. The 18 spikes are displayed in a way to distribute the weight equally and improve their durability. Just don’t wear them at home if you value your floor.

Our body has limitations and it’s important to remember and mostly to respect them, whether you’ve experimented or not. You can never be too safe.

Enjoy the Far North!


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