FuelBelt H20 2 Bottle Belt Reviewed

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Staying hydrating while running is a priority for all runners. The choices are twofold, you carry water or you stash it somewhere along your route. Personally, I like the flexibility of carrying my water and find it somewhat comforting. A few years ago, I used to carry my 2L CamelBack on every long run and even on my first few marathons.

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Our review of this product
9.5 / 10

The pros are:

  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Zipped pocket inside main storage pocket
  • Carrying water enables you to run for longer than lions – useful on a safari

The cons are:

  • Flasks could be insulated
  • Can’t fit large smartphones in pocket


Nowadays, as I grew more accustomed to the amount of fluid I need for various workouts, I usually carry a hydration belt with 1, 2 or 3 flasks and drink when I feel like it. For those who are just starting, the best way to know exactly how much you should be drinking is based on weight loss (in the form of water) during a run. Some say that for every pound lost, one should drink about 500mL of fluid – but hey, I like to rely on good old thirst, perfected over millions of years of evolution.

So, when it comes to Hydration belts, there are a few things to think about: comfort, amount of water/fluid, ability to store phone/keys/credit card/cash.

h2o fuelbelt

First Observations

The FuelBelt H2O 2 Bottle Belt comes with 2 flasks (200mL each) and has a small pocket to carry your gear. It is somewhat lighter than a comparable Nathan Belt that I also own. Where the FuelBelt really excels is its Helium Hex Foam padding that makes the belt a lot more breathable. On the other hand, the bubble shape of the foam might make the belt less stable for some. My girlfriend had some difficulties finding the right position for the belt, but I must admit I had no problem. The closure system is made of Velcro instead of a buckle, a choice that makes it is easier to readjust on the fly.

Features & Fit

The FuelBelt pocket is wide enough to carry a small sized cell phone, like an iPhone SE,  but larger phones will not fit. The storage compartment has a smaller inside pocket with a zipper. That is a great little addition so that when I reach for my phone while running to change a tune, it decreases the odds of accidentally dropping my cash or keys.

The flasks are easy to reach and to drink from. The caps seemed a little flimsier than the ones from my other belt but,  good news for consumers, both brands of flasks would fit in both of my belts (YMMV). As we tested the belt in the gruelling sun of Namibia, we did wish the flasks would be insulated, but I suppose those can be purchased separately.


Overall Opinion

All in all the FuelBelt H2O 2 Bottle Belt is a very well thought out hydration belt that is useful to go on training runs from 5k to half marathons, to chase predators in Africa or simply to mow the lawn with your drink of choice.

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