Getting Your Bike Ready for Spring

Text by: Emilie Hauss

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Are you one of those courageous winter cyclist? Or even a fat bike fanatic? If so, bravo to brave the cold. For most of us, the bike is quietly hibernating for the snowy months and the legs keep on spinning on a bike trainer or at spinning classes.

After these past couple of weeks with warm days peeking out here and there, it’s hard to resist not to take your bike out already. Before you do, here are some tips for prepping your bike for the season.

Pump up your tires

After leaving your bike aside for a few months, it’s normal that your tires deflate quite a bit. It is then very important to inflate them to a good pressure remembering that the minimum and maximum pressure that you can pump in your tires is written on the sidewall of your tire. It is important to respect this.


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Oil your chain

What is more annoying than riding your bike to a squeaking chain sound? Take 30 seconds and apply some oil on your chain for your sake and for the sake of the ears of people riding around you. Also, please don’t use jigaloo (WD40) nor olive oil, use real chain lube.

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Tune up

When was the last time you brought your bike over to a bike shop to have it tuned? If you can’t recall, maybe it’s worth a little checkup to make sure your bike is still safe; can still brake and still shift gears.

Little tip! If you are as impatient as me when it comes to riding your bike as soon as the snow melts, you better bring your bike for a tune-up in the Fall so that it is ready to go on those first beautiful Spring days. If you wait until the last minute to bring it to a bike shop, you might end up having to wait weeks or even months before a tune-up appointment. So think ahead and bring it when it’s less busy at the bike shops.

Patch kit

Spring season is also the time when the snow melts and all the hidden dirt starts to bud out, ready to poke your sleek tires. So be prepared and always bring an extra tube, portable pump and tire levers that you can carry in your saddle bag.

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Changing temperatures

We can see the drastic changes these days, the temperature can go up or down of by degrees from one day to the next. This is why you need to be prepared and wear different types of layers. Instead of wearing one long sleeve jersey, wear a short sleeve jersey with some arm warmers, so that if you end up being too warm under your light jacket, you can simply remove the sleeves and keep on riding.


So the winter has been rough and your legs aren’t as in shape as they used to be last summer? Don’t worry, it’ll come back quicker than you may think, but to help you finish that ride, why don’t you take a gel to give you the little extra boost you need?

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