Gift Guide for the Gadget Gurus

Text by: Kelsey Begg

Arc’teryx, Bang & Olufsen, Goal Zero, GoPro, hydro flask, Suunto, Wacaco. Gift Guide for the Gadget Gurus

Whether they’re into music gadgets, light gadgets or just gadgets in general, Altitude Sports has a little something that will have any gadget lovers’ eyes twinkling with excitement this holiday season. Choose from wireless electronics, solar powered rechargeable devices and even the latest and greatest technical equipment for your outdoor hobbies.

Make sure your gift is one that they’ll love and be making up an excuse to get a chance to use it. We’ve put together a list of our top picks for gadgets so you can be sure to find the perfect gift.

  • GoPro Hero5 Black

The latest technology in hands-free recording and photo taking, the GoPro Hero5 Black is a gift to remember for those mountain warriors on your Christmas shopping list. Recording in 4K video, equipped with voice-control, a touch display screen to check out your captures and a waterproof design. There will be no shortage of these cameras on Christmas wishlists around the world this season.


  • Arc’teryx Procline Boot

arcteryx womens procline lite boots


Procline Lite Boots 


arcteryx womens procline support boot


Procline Support Boot


arcteryx unisex procline carbon support boot


Procline Carbon Support Boot


arcteryx mens procline lite boot


Procline Lite Boot


 Arc’teryx has blown away the ski industry with their development of the Procline boot. Available in two different models, the Lite boot or the Support boot as well as a carbon option, the Procline boot is every ski alpinist’s dream boot. The boot has a revolutionary 360° rotating cuff which results in unmatched climbing and skiing performance. If you’re a skier looking for precision and performance from one boot, you need to try the Procline boot.


  • Goal Zero Solar Powered Gadgets

goal zero nomad 28 plus with sunpower

Nomad 28 Plus


Venture 70 Recharger 


goal zero lighthouse mini lantern

Lighthouse Mini Lantern


rechargeable speaker

Rock Out 2 Wireless Rechargeable Speaker


Goal Zero is a company that specializes in solar powered products that are sure to have the gadget lovers on your list excited. Head out on multi-day adventures and keep your electronic devices fully charged, listen to music or light up the night with the power of sunlight. This innovative technology allows you to charge devices by the sun’s solar power so you can ensure your GPS, camera and other necessary devices are fully charged for the following days’ adventures.


  • Bang & Olufsen Wireless Headphones


bang & olufsen h4 wireless over the ear headphone





Say goodbye to tangled up headphone cords and inconvenient wires with the Ban g& Olufsen wireless headphone collection. Perfect for those travelling through noisy airports and train stations this holiday season. Both pairs of wireless headphone are equipped with active noise cancellation allowing you to catch up on your favourite Netflix series without interruptions.

  • Hydro Flask Hydration Bundles

hydro flaks beer growler

32oz Beer Growler


hydro flask true pint

16oz True Pint


25 oz wine bottle hydro flask

25oz Wine Bottle


10 oz Rocks Glass


Celebrations on the go often call for a celebratory drink but lugging around wine bottles and jugs of beer can be a challenge. With these hydration bundles, there’s no trouble at all. They are the perfect gift for the fun-time-loving individuals on your Christmas list. Whether you prefer your grapes fermented or your water with barley and hops, there’s the perfect bundle for anyone. Choose from an assortment of colours and liven up your next weekend in the woods with a cheeky 5 to 7.


  • Backcountry Access T2 Avalanche Rescue Package

backcountry access t2 avalanche rescue package

Finding fresh pockets of powder can be an adventure but when you find the goods, it’s well worth your while. If you’ve got a backcountry adventurer on your Christmas list, why not keep them safe and sign them up for an avalanche safety course and gear them up with the appropriate equipment. Just because you have the gear doesn’t mean you’re set for the backcountry. Any individual who plans to venture out of bounds must take an avalanche safety course so they are not only aware of the dangers and know how to explore safely, but so they know how their gear works correctly. The T2 Avalanche Rescue Package is the perfect bundle for backcountry enthusiasts. 


  • Suunto Traverse Watch

suunto traverse watch suunto traverse watrch suunto traverse watch
    Getting lost in the woods is never a good situation so hiking with a compass or a GPS equipped watch is very advantageous. Suunto is a company known for their sports watches and technical features and the Traverse is no exception. This gadget is a must for the backcountry explorers who thrive on adventure and new discoveries. The watch is equipped with GPS and GLONASS for route navigation and gives you a real-time view of the recorded track you have taken. A few of the many other features include a flashlight sunrise and sunset times, altitude calculation and even weather trend and storm alarms. 


  • Wacaco Minipresso GR

If you love coffee and dread the thought of starting your day without a little espresso hit, then you will love the Wacaco Minipresso GR. This portable espresso machine is compact, lightweight and versatile so you can take it along on all of your adventures no matter where they may take you. Now you can enjoy an espresso on the go no matter where you are.

Happy Gadget Shopping!

With a wide range of gadgets that will please any adventurer from urban environments to wilderness environments, Altitude Sports has you covered for your Christmas shopping.

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