Gift Guide for the Luxury Watch Lovers

Text by: Kelsey Begg

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Everyone has that one friend or family member who never leaves the house without their beloved watch. The look of defeat that falls across their face when they go to check the time and realize they forgot their number one accessory is similar to that of someone who has just lost the gold medal match.

Accessorizing With Watches

Whether they have that one trusty watch that they rely on or they have a collection of all the finest watches from leather straps to stainless steel, to a watch lover, a new watch is as good as diamond earrings or the perfect fitting pair of jeans. Not only are they practical for those instances when using a phone to check the time is not acceptable, they make great accessories too.

With so many models and styles of watches to choose from, it’s easy to please all the watch lovers on your Christmas list. For those who have not yet discovered that they are also the “accessorizing with watches” type, your gift may be the start of a new great collection.

Top Accessorizing Watches for Her


Nixon Sentry 38 SS – All Rose Gold

Nixon’s Sentry 38 SS boasts a simple look with the right amount of style making it the perfect wrist accessory to top off your outfit. A tapered custom stainless steel 3 link bracelet adds enough bling to your look to keep it classy and stylish.


Shinola Women’s The Birdy – PVD Rose Gold Bracelet + Rose Gold Dial Watch

The Women’s The Birdy watch has a delicate and stylish look about it. A thinner wrist strap gives a more delicate look and is ideal for those ladies who find watch straps are often too wide or wants a watch band more like a bracelet. Also made with stainless steel and rose gold, the Women’s The Birdy by Shinola is a fashionable watch suitable for the chicest watch lovers on your Christmas list.


Timex Weekender Fairfield

Add a little nautical feel to your look with the Timex Weekender Fairfield watch. The simple face and dial design pair nicely with the bold stripes on the interchangeable wrist strap giving you a simple and chic look that compliments any style. Timex’s Weekend Fairfield is a great additional to any watch lover’s collection.


Electric Carroway Leather Watch

Get a little nostalgic with the sophisticated look of Electric’s Carroway. The rose gold face paired with the oxblood wrist strap make for a sleek and stylish watch that will fit in nicely with any wardrobe.


Nixon K Squared – Gold – Saddle

Mix-up any watch lovers collection with a squared faced watch like Nixon’s K Squared watched. A little geometrical variety adds a fresh look on your wrist and in your collection.


Top Accessorizing Watches For Him


Nixon 51-30 Chrono Leather

An easy-to-read face with style and function, the 51-30 Chrono is a Nixon classic. One of the originals which started the oversize trend, this watch is the perfect gift for the fashion misters on your list.


Filson The Mackinaw Field

Stainless steel plating, anti-fingerprint coating and scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, the Mackinaw is no stranger to high-end details. The durable design and classy look make this watch a sophisticated gift for the sophisticated gentleman on your list.


Shinola The Runwell

A watch with a name that reflects it’s performance, the Runwell is a smart looking watch with all the right amount of attention paid to the smallest details. The premium leather wrist strap gives it a versatile look while the watch face is simple and clean.


Garmin Vivomove Premium Watch

The classic look of a leather banded watch paired with Garmin’s top quality activity tracking. This watch is perfect for the active gentleman looking for a stylish watch to track his activities and double as a sophisticated accessory.


Nixon Mission, 48mm

The first ever action sports smart watch, Nixon’s Mission is built tough to withstand all the elements associated with your adrenaline pumping activities. From surfing big swells to shredding waist deep powder, the Mission is a watch suitable for all your missions this season.


Happy Watch Shopping!

With watches that look this great, you’re sure to find the perfect watch for all the watch lovers on your shopping list this Christmas. Who knows, the shopping may convert you into a watch lover too!

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