Gift Ideas to Stay Cozy & Comfortable this Season

Text by: Kelsey Begg

Barbour, Begg & Co., Coal, Nobis, Penfield, The North Face, Woolrich. Gift Ideas to Stay Cozy & Comfortable this Season

From slippers and big blankets to cozy sweaters and toques, winter is all about being cozy and comfortable and enjoying the festive atmosphere. Whether you’re sat by the fire inside with a warm cup of hot cocoa and gooey marshmallows or you’re bundled up for a day in the snow, being cozy and comfortable is essential to enjoying your winter season.

Give the Gift of Warmth & Comfort

Keep your loved ones warm and cozy this winter season with a gift from our cozy comfort collection because at the end of a long day or week, the best way to unwind is with a good book and a glass of eggnog next to the fire. You can up the cozy factor with a soft blanket, some toasty warm slippers or socks and even an over-sized sweater.

A gift from our cozy comfort collection is the perfect gift to top off the stocking stuffers. There’s sure to be something to please the entire family in the cozy comfort collection whether it be a new pair of flannel pajamas or an ultra soft cashmere scarf. At the end of the Christmas festivities, everyone can can get comfortable with their new cozy gifts and enjoy some family time before calling it a night.

Top Cozy Comfort Picks

Penfield Harris Beanie & Coal The Sophie Beanie



Sometimes being cozy and warm is as simple as putting on a warm toque or beanie. When your ears are warm and protected from the cold along with the rest of your head, the only vulnerable places left where heat can escape and take away from your coziness is through your hands and feet.

Coal The Randle Glove & the North Face Cable Knit Mitt


Whether you’re out for a walk with your dog or you’re commuting to and from class or work, having cold hands can be a real pain and sometimes leave the rest of your body vulnerable to being cold. Avoid numb, immobile fingers by bundling up with a pair of cozy mitts or gloves before you head outside this winter.

Barbour Carsten Earmuffs & th eNorth Face Cable Ear Gear


If you’re not the hat or toque type, a cozy headband or some warm earmuffs are the perfect alternative. You can be sure that the hairstyle you spent 2 hours perfecting remains perfect and still get the warmth and protection for your ears that a toque or beanie has to offer.

Woolrich Classic Merino Ragg & Wigwam Whippersnapper Socks


In a pair of winter boots or tucked into a cozy pair of slippers, comfortable socks are essential to cozy comfort during the winter months. Merino blends are always the best choice thanks to their moisture wicking properties and soft-on-skin feel so stock up while the festive colours and patterns are available.

Begg & Co. Langley & Nobis Emery Scarf


Get cozy and keep your neck warm and protected with a soft scarf. Whether you’re adding a stylish touch to your outfit or bundling up before heading outside, a cozy scarf is an essential winter accessory.

Fjällräven High Coat Wool Hoodie & Smartwool Camp House Wrap


There’s nothing more satisfying then slipping into your coziest hoodie or sweater after a long day in the cold and just enjoying the comfort. Your favourite, cozy hoodie or sweater can be your favourite for multiple reasons from the comfortable fit to the soft fabric. Once you find the right one, you’ll feel as though you’re wrapped up in a cozy blanket every time.

Glerups Shoes Leather Sole & Sorel Out’N About Moc Blanket


That first step on the cold floor can be a shock especially early in the morning so when the cozy socks are too far away, a pair of fuzzy slippers to slip into will do just the trick. Pair them with a pair of your favourite cozy socks or go barefooted and enjoy the cozy comforts of a warm pair of slippers. The perfect cozy accessory for weekends at the chalet and a simple gift for under the tree.

Woolrich Forest Glen Jacquard Blanket & Hudson’s Bay Company Millennium Blanket


Quite possibly the coziest part of the winter months is wrapping yourself up in a warm, comfortable blanket like a human burrito. For many, some of the most comforting memories are being tucked into bed at night when you were a kid and wrapping yourself up in a giant, cozy blanket is just as comforting. Give the gift of ultimate cozy comfort with a new blanket this season.


Stay Cozy This Winter

Add a cozy and comfortable touch to your gift giving this holiday season with a gift from our cozy comfort collection here at Altitude Sports. With a variety of products to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect gift to keep all your loved ones warm and cozy on the coldest days.


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