An Interview with HeadHaus Cycling Caps

Text by: Altitude Sports Collaboration

Headhaus. An Interview with HeadHaus Cycling Caps

We sat down with Emilie, the owner (and ferocious cyclist) behind HeadHaus cycling caps. There isn’t much to know, really; if you like funky, one-off caps made right here in Montreal by a tremendously cool and motivated person, then grab a coffee and stay a while. You’ll learn what makes her tick, and get a glimpse of why she spends her spare time make custom caps.

Where do you live: Montréal (Rosemont), QC

Hometown: Lachine, QC

Background: I was one of the lucky ones that did the Katimavik program before all budgets were cut off. I studied in Action Communautaire at Université de Montréal. I worked in bike shops for quite a bit.

Headhaus caps

Favorite memory as a child: One summer, my parents rented a cabin right next to a lake – just to contextualize, I had an obsession with frogs – and at that lake there were water lilies and frogs everywhere. I remember taking my dad’s windsurfing board with my brother and rowing with our hands to get closer to listen to them, and I just couldn’t believe it, I had never seen/heard this many frogs in my life.

Best vacation: My brother has been living in Hong Kong for a few years now, and I visited him in 2008. This city is absolutely amazing: lights everywhere, huge buildings, crazy nightlife, delicious street food, horse racing, karaoke, mega shopping!


What skill does no one know you have: I actually can sing pretty well (but am always very shy about it) and at 15 years old, my singing teacher introduced me to one of her friends that had a recording studio to record a demo.

What frustrates you: The sound of people chewing their food with their mouth open. I just can’t.

Your favorite creation: I made a big Marge Simpson patch out of scrap fabric that I hand stitched. It took me quite some time to finish it but came out just as I’d imagined it.


How many cycling caps do you think you made since the beginning:  It is very hard to tell because I sometimes forget to take pictures of the caps that I make because I am so excited to give it to my client as soon as it’s ready, but I would say around 400 caps.

If you could have two things from what would they be: Big Agnes – Rattlesnake SL2 mtnGLO Tent + Eagles Nest Outfitters – DoubleNest Hammock

Where are you happiest: Alone on my bike, at the top of a hill after a big, steep & long climb.

Is your lifestyle for everyone: I wouldn’t think so: 40h/week job + 3 trainings/week + 1 competition/week + sewing all the HeadHaus special orders after work for my wonderful clients.

What can’t you bike without: Watermelon GU Chomps


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