Helly Hansen Men’s Odin Veor Jacket Reviewed

Text by: Gregory Munby

Helly Hansen, Ski & Snowboard. Helly Hansen Men’s Odin Veor Jacket Reviewed

Remember the old days of the down jacket? They were huge. They were bulky. They weighed a tonne. If you were wearing your “puffy” it was cold out. Well below zero perhaps. But at some point, not long ago, someone realized that you simply didn’t need that much down in a jacket. And a new style of down jacket was born.

Most down jackets on today’s market do not have the “puffy” appearance of their ancestors. And the Odin Veor (the Odin line being the highest caliber of Helly Hansen ski wear) is one such jacket.

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Our review of this product
10 / 10

The pros are:

  • Fit
  • The range of motion

The cons are:

  • Colour choice
  • Zipper size

The Odin Veor’s fit is likely it’s best feature. It most certainly does not impede movement, particularly when skiing and/or backcountry skiing. Panels under arms are well designed, allowing for ventilation and freedom of movement when walking. Both hood and collar are comfortable and warm, essential for winter in the backcountry.

The jacket is low-profile enough so that it could be worn immediately under (or over a shell). We liked the overall athletic look of the jacket. Blue with fluorescent green highlights certainly catches the eye.

The ventilation between baffles on the back is a unique design feature. We assume that the goal is to allow for some ventilation when the heart rate picks up. Excellent idea, but this leads to two questions. First, why would an athlete try to cool off in a down jacket? Why not simply were a lighter jacket (i.e. Gore-tex shell)? And second, how often would an athlete exercise in a backcountry-worthy jacket without a backpack? During our testing, we found that a backpack prevents the ventilation between the baffles from working. Odin Veor’s baffles have left us baffled.

We also found that pocket zippers couldn’t be used without removing gloves. If this jacket has been brought out of the closet it’s probably cold and you don’t want to remove your gloves. We mentioned above that we love the color. However, it’s not the most visible color in the backcountry (i.e. red, orange, yellow are often preferred). The only other color option in the Odin Veor is black, which is even worse.

In closing, the Odin Veor is a gorgeous, form-fitting, down jacket built for the rigors of backcountry use. That two of its features don’t seem to align with its intended use (i.e. baffles that don’t work with a backpack, zippers that required bare hands) we would still recommend this as a light-weight, athletic jacket for any athlete that frequents the backcountry.

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