9 Ski & Snowboard Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow

Text by: Kelsey Begg

Ski & Snowboard, Winter. 9 Ski & Snowboard Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow

Winter is coming which means dreams of snowy peaks and waist-deep pow days are on everyone’s mind. Sure we’re only entering the start of Autumn but that means winter is much closer than it was back at the start of summer!

We know you winter sports enthusiasts are gritting your teeth counting down the days until opening day and watching all your favourite ski and snowboard films while you’re “working.” You have your favourite ski hills’ websites bookmarked so you can check the webcams each morning for any new little dusting on those magical looking peaks. The stoke is high and the waiting game has already begun so let us add to your daily winter stoke ritual.

Scroll down and discover the Instagram accounts of some spectacular, Canada based photographers who will wow you with their unreal shots. Their passion for the outdoors and the sports whether it be skiing, snowboarding, hiking, biking – anything really, will spill from their accounts and send shivers down your spine.

Beware if you’re at work, these photographers’ Instagram accounts will reel you in with the remarkable beauty of each photo and leave you scrolling and daydreaming for uncountable minutes…


Mason Mashon – @mason_mashon


A photo posted by Mason Mashon (@mason_mashon) on

Mason Mashon is BC born and raised talent. Originally from Vernon, BC, he now resides in Whistler living the dream life of a freelance action sports photographer. There are not many action sports he himself doesn’t enjoy so as you browse through his Instagram account you’ll most likely find many more like the photo posted above that will get your hair standing on end with stoke!


Justa Jeskova – @justajeskova

Justa Jeskova was originally born in Slovakia and made the move to Whistler in 2001 where she started out working with Coast Mountain Photography. For those that don’t know, Coast Mountain Photography is the company with photographers on the mountain to capture photos of you on the hill whether it be ski and snowboard season or biking season. Fifteen years later, she’s is now a professional photographer with her own photography business. Justa’s Instagram account will get you stoked no matter what season it is so don’t be shy, start scrolling!


Blake Jorgenson – @blakejorgenson


A photo posted by blake jorgenson (@blakejorgenson) on

Blake Jorgenson followed his dreams and packed up and moved to Whistler at the ages of 18. He has been a well-known photographer ever since 3 years after his arrival when he had one of his first ski photos published in Powder Magazine. What started as one photo published in a high-selling ski mag, Blake is now known worldwide for his work and the photos he captures. Travel to far-away places as your scroll through his Instagram account and admire the art and beauty in every photo.


Robin O’Neil – @robinoneil


A photo posted by Robin O’Neill (@robinoneill) on

Robin O’Neil is a photographers based in Whistler specializing in outdoor lifestyle and action photos. Her passion for the outdoors is captured and very much present in all the photos she takes. She is also no stranger to the photography world in Whistler after winning the Whistler Deep Winter and Deep Summer Photo Showdowns. Feel the passion in the photos as you scroll through Robin’s Instagram account.


Bruno Long – @eye_b_long


A photo posted by Bruno Long (@eye_b_long) on

Bruno Long grew up in New Brunswick and made the move out west as soon as he could. Starting in Jasper, Alberta, he perfected the outdoor living skills and made the move to Revelstoke where he has been based for the last 8 years. His summers are spent on two wheels exploring trails then he trades the wheels for planks and spends his winters shredding some of the best skiing in BC. Follow Bruno’s adventures year round on his Instagram account.

Vanessa St-yves – @vanessastyves


A photo posted by Vanessa St-yves (@vanessastyves) on

Vanessa St-yves is a Quebec born photographer who has made the move to the west side of Canada to fulfill her passion for the mountains and photography. Now based in Revelstoke, she spends her days soaking up the small-town feel and enjoying nature. During the winters you can find her shredding the slopes on her board or out capturing unreal photos. Follow her Revy adventures and check out her other photos on her Instagram account.

Paul Morrison – @paulmorrisonphotography

Paul Morrison is a Canadian native born in Ontario who headed west with his passion for skiing leading the way. Starting at the bottom of the pole and working his way up, Paul has now been shooting for Whistler Blackcomb for the last years 30 years as their Senior Photographer. He is also the Senior Photographer for Canada’s Skier Magazine. Take a break from your stressful work day and scroll through the breathtakingly beautiful photos on Paul’s Instagram account.

Alain Sleigher – @alainsleigher


A photo posted by Alain Sleigher (@alainsleigher) on

Alain Sleigher is an East Coaster gone West Coast. Currently based out of Calgary, Alberta, Alain is spending his time capturing photos of the rugged Rocky Mountain landscapes and doing some wedding photography. If his ski and snowboard shots don’t get you stoked for the upcoming winter season I don’t know what will! Take a look for yourself and scroll through Alain’s Instagram account.

Reuben Krabbe – @reubenkrabbe


A photo posted by Reuben Krabbe (@reubenkrabbe) on

Reuben Krabbe grew up in Calgary on the outskirts of the Rocky Mountains and when the opportunity come to move out west, he jumped on it! After traveling around and exploring BC for three years, he eventually settled in, picked a town and now calls Whistler his home. He spends his time finding new, unique ways to capture his photos and focuses on the ever evolving future of action sports. Scroll through his Instagram account and check out his collection.


You’re Welcome

Good luck trying to get any work done with these Instagram accounts full of unreal photographs. It’s never too early to amp up your stoked for the upcoming season so we hope you enjoy these little teasers.

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