How to Dress Your Kids For a Day On the Mountain

Text by: Kelsey Begg

Buff, Burton, Columbia, Giro, Helly Hansen, Icebreaker, Kombi, Patagonia, POC, The North Face. How to Dress Your Kids For a Day On the Mountain

When the kids are out of school for the holidays, they are ready to celebrate their freedom! Sleeping in and waking up to the smell of mom’s homemade pancakes with berry compote and whipped cream and dad’s famous crispy and perfectly seasoned hashbrowns and some bacon is a good start.

Full Speed Ahead to the Snow!

For some families, the kids being off school is the sign of a holiday vacation on the horizon and some fun in the snow. If it’s the year your little ones hit the slopes for the very first time, you want to make sure they’re warm and comfortable up on the hill. A happy first experience leads to smiles and more happy experiences for both the kids and the parents so make sure they’re prepared.

Even if they aren’t hitting the mountain and you’re playing at the tube park or skating around at an ice rink, warm feet and fingers are essential to a fun day. When the little ones get cold, they get uncomfortable which can lead to a quick shift in mood, so keep the mood pleasant and fun so everyone can enjoy the holiday

Layering for Success

helly hansen little kids warm set 2

Helly Hansen

Warm Set 2


patagonia capilene set


Capilene Set


kombi little kids body 3 cozy fleece set


Body 3 Cozy Set


burton youth fleece set


Fleece Set


Adequate warmth for a day outside in the cold begins with your layers. Base layers are quite possibly the most important piece of clothing during the winter months, you want to choose materials that are breathable and moisture wicking so that when you perspire, the moisture is absorbed and wicked away.

If the moisture isn’t wicked away, it remains next to your skin and can leave your body vulnerable to the cold weather. Once you catch a chill, it can be hard to get your body heat regulated again.

Being warm in cold weather begins with adequate layers but trapping that heat means keeping your extremities warm too. Having proper gloves, socks and toques will keep the vulnerable parts warm and cozy so you can enjoy a long day outside. 


Safety Equipment & Gear

Goggles & Neck Warmers

poc pocito retina ski goggles


POCito Retina Ski Goggles


poc pocito iris ski goggles


POCito Iris Ski Goggles


buff junior polar


Junior Polar


icebreaker flexi chute


Flexi Chute


When’s the cold winds are blowing and the snow is whirling around in the sky, a decent pair of ski goggles will not only allow you to see clearly but keep part of your face shielded from the cold as well. If you pair the ski goggles with a balaclava or Buff neck warmer, you can have nearly 100% coverage and protection from the cold. 



giro launch goggle helmet combo


Launch Goggle Helmet Combo


poc pocito fornix helmet


POCito Fornix Helmet


poc pocito light helmet


POCito Light Helmet


poc pocito auric cut spin helmet


POCito Auric Cut SPIN Helmet


For added warmth on your head and protection too, don’t forget to send your little ones out on the hill with a helmet. Lots of helmets have built-in ear muffs and are lined so there’s no need to wear a toque underneath. You want to ensure the fit of the helmet is correct, so try it on with and without goggles. You want the helmet to have a snug fit on the head so that it isn’t bouncing all over the place.

Some helmets will have an adjustment system at the back which is ideal so you can make a helmet last more than one season. When trying on the helmet, keep in mind that if the helmet fits perfect at its biggest size, you may only get one season out of it, so if you can go up a size, you may get more bang-for-your-buck.


Gloves & Mitts

the north face montana gtx mitts

The North Face

Montana GTX Mitts


columbia whirlibird mitten


Whirlibird Mitten


kombi big kids the yolo mitten


The YOLO Mitten


burton gtx mitt


GTX Mitt


There’s always a big question about whether to get your kids mitts or gloves and it comes down to how easily your child can get them on without help. If you’re sending your child to a ski or snowboard lesson, most of the time, it is required that your child be able to put their gloves or mitts on themselves. I personally prefer mittens because I find them slightly warmer. Some people don’t like mitten because they feel their fingers’ movement is restricted which is some cases is correct, but I’m convinced more heat is produced.

For children, especially very young children, mittens are preferred because gloves can be challenging to not only get on by themselves, but with help too. In a lot of cases, their fingers are too small and it may be hard to navigate the holes within the glove and find the right spot for all their fingers. Make your mornings easier, and go with mittens for the little ones.


Ski-Vacation Ready!

Now that you’ve got all the ski wear tips, you can browse the looks above and get all the appropriate ski gear for your kids. Be sure to ensure your kids are prepared for a great day of fun in the snow!

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