How to Pick Transitional Jackets & Vests for Fall

Text by: Kelsey Begg

Arc’teryx, Canada Goose, Fjällräven, Nobis, Norrona, Patagonia, The North Face. How to Pick Transitional Jackets & Vests for Fall

It’s that time of year again where we awkwardly transition from our summer wardrobe and slowly start pulling out the big cozy sweaters, wool socks and scarves. That’s right, it’s autumn! The season of pumpkin everything, vibrant and colourful forests and overflowing bowls of hardy chili and stew – what’s not to love?

We’ve got some tips to ensure your summer to fall transition goes so smoothly that even the summer worshipers may become autumn adorers.

When it’s warm but it’s not that warm

Yes the sun is shining and oh yes those sun rays feel warm and great but it’s just not quite short-shorts-and-tank-top-warm anymore. If you’re lucky enough to be graced with an Indian Summer in the region you live in, you know how great the sun feels on a fall afternoon and the slight chance you can enjoy a few rays in just a t-shirt. If you live in a region where the transition from summer to fall is as abrupt as the Fraser River meeting the Georgia Strait, you’re going to love to live by our jacket timeline.

This jacket timeline is your golden ticket to a hopefully less traumatic summer to fall transition. We’ve got three temperature categories and some jacket options that’ll give you that extra bit of warmth when you’re out and about puddle jumping or picking apples this fall.

10°C to 15°C – Insulated Vests 

Some days the sun is super strong in the afternoon and throwing on a jacket seems out of the question because you’re instantly too hot. Behold, the answer: try on a vest or a flannel. Whether it’s insulated with down, a synthetic material or just simply a layer, any extra bit of warmth counts.

Choose from a variety of styles both technical and urban to find a perfect fit for your look.

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A flannel is a staple piece in every Canadian’s wardrobe. They’re warm yet not bulky and can easily be a stylish layering piece for just about any occasion. Layer up a flannel or light hoody with your vest and you’re ready for an early fall evening around the campfire.

5°C to 10°C – Fleece or Light Hoody

For those days where it’s warm but there’s a crisp breeze blowing that’s got your bones shivering, a simple vest or flannel just won’t cut it. These are the days where you want to reach for a fleece or a hoodie.

A fleece such as the Patagonia Lightweight Synchilla Snap-T Pull Over is the perfect addition to your first layer. Pair it with a scarf and you’re all set for an autumn walk through the park!

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0°C to 5°C – Insulated Jacket or Hoody

Near the end of October is when we start getting the true fall temperatures and begin our transition to winter. This is when the weather isn’t quite parka-worthy but it’s chilly enough that you start looking for the toque and down or synthetic coat.

A synthetic hoodie or jacket is perfect for those chilly, autumn days. They also work great as an insulating layer when winter hits and you’re shredding the ski slopes!

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Whether you choose a jacket or hoody with down insulation or synthetic insulation, both will have exceptional insulating properties. With the latest technologies and fibers, it is very easy to find synthetic insulations that perform as well as down. are great on their own for cool, autumn temperatures and perfect when paired with a waterproof shell on the hill when winter arrives.

An insulated jacket or hoody is great to be worn on their own for cool, autumn temperatures and can be perfectly paired with a waterproof shell for days on the mountain when winter arrives.

Stay Cozy

Seasonal transitions can be a headache (and a stuffy nose for some) but don’t let the summer blues keep you cool this fall. Stay cozy and follow our jacket timeline so you can enjoy all the autumn festivities!

Cover Photo by Ian Momsen


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