Prepping for a Trail Running Race – Before & During

Text by: Kelsey Begg

Running, Salomon. Prepping for a Trail Running Race – Before & During

Episode nine of Salomon’s How to Run Series goes over tricks for briefing for a trail running race. Like any race, there is a particular routine to follow leading up to the actual race although it doesn’t stop there.

While it is important to drink lots of water leading up to the race, it is also important to stay hydrated during the race and eat before you feel hungry.  You need to ensure that you’re body is hydrated and has the energy that will allow you to perform until the end. 

Carrying water and snacks during a race can seem daunting but there are products designed specifically just for this. Hydration backpacks and vests or even waist belts are convenient ways to carry water and even have small pocks to stash snacks and energy gels

Another important factor is finding your rhythm and sticking to it. Once you have a rhythm going, You can enjoy the run, keep your pace, and exert your energy in a balanced way.

Always remember that you need energy throughout the entire race so don’t start off too fast. This is where a rhythm comes in and aids to maintain a consistent pace. 

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*Cover Photo By Jordi saragossa

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