Hydro Flask 21oz Bottle Reviewed

Text by: Dede Monette

hydro flask. Hydro Flask 21oz Bottle Reviewed

I am always so pleased with Hydro Flask products. The Hydro Flask 21 oz bottle is attractive, super sturdy and very convenient! As a Beach Yoga provider, I am always on the hunt for the perfect bottle that will either keep my cold beverage cold or my hot beverage hot.

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Our review of this product

The pros are:

  • Keeps cold beverages very cold and hot beverages very hot!
  • Attractive
  • BPA free

The cons are:

  • The narrow mouth makes it challenging the clean

Since I work primarily outdoors, the insulation factor is huge. The Hydro Flask bottle is extremely sturdy. The durable colour coat does not scratch easily and the colour choices are quite attractive. I currently have the Hydro Flask 21 oz purple bottle, and I love it! This bottle is surpassing all my expectations and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in high-quality products.

Not only do I take my bottle to all my beach yoga classes, but the flexible cap handle makes it easy to clip to a backpack and take the bottle on a multitude of adventures. I currently have the flex cap on my bottle, which is the standard lid for this bottle, however, shall one prefer a Sport Cap, those can be ordered separately  Also, as a day to day bottle, the Hydro Flask 21 oz fits perfectly in my car cup holder and is not too big nor not too small.

The stainless steel insulation TempShield™ double wall vacuum insulation does wonders for eliminating condensation and keeping all beverages cold for up to 24 hours or hot for up to 6 hours. Hydro Flask’s Honeycomb Insulation ™ also plays a great part in the beverage temperature control.

The durable stainless steel construction does wonders for not transferring flavours. No one likes water that tastes like yesterday’s coffee! I had numerous different beverages in my bottle and I am very pleasantly happy with this feature! All Hydro Flask bottles are BPA free, which makes them a sought after and healthy reusable bottle.

The 21 oz bottle is perfect for people looking for a smaller and not too heavy bottle. It is a bit on the smaller side, depending on ones’ needs. It is great for the day to day activities but may be a bit small for adventure seekers. It can be a bit challenging to clean, due to the tall skinny neck, therefore, utilizing the bottle for smoothies or any other beverages that may require heavy cleaning may not be advised.

The Hydro Flask bottle has a lifetime warranty, which makes them quite superior to most water bottles. It is a great product and is now part of my beach yoga essentials!

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