Icebreaker Apex Leggings With Fly Review

Text by: Altitude Sports Collaboration

Icebreaker. Icebreaker Apex Leggings With Fly Review

The Men’s Apex Leggings with Fly is a great base layer bottom, part of the Icebreaker Bodyfit Series. Made out of 100% 260g Merino wool, it’s there to keep you warm and dry in the toughest conditions.

Just like my Men’s Tech Top review, I worse these leggings on many days of hiking on skis in various conditions in order to test their full potential.

First off, the 260g Merino wool means that I was able to go through a whole day ski touring at under -15°C, only wearing the base layer and a 3L shell over my legs. Surprisingly, I never felt cold. I usually wear this few clothes for touring expeditions on the bottom but I also expect to feel an uncomfortable cold spot on the knee while skiing down where the wind keeps the shell near the skin while riding fast. With this thick layer of wool, it’s no problem!

Just like you would expect from a good base layer, the Apex Leggings have an incredible ability to wick away the moisture. When skinning up, the last thing you want is your base layer to end up wet from the sweat. Merino wool is widely known to manage humidity better than pretty much any other fiber, meaning you get to stay dry and stay warm once you get to the top. Even at that thickness, the Apex leggings acted as expected and stayed extremely dry.

With regards to moisture management, I wore the same base layers for 4 days straight, having only a couple of hours to let them dry at night. They felt dryer-fresh each morning.

This brings us to odor management, wearing the same base layers for 4 days straight is a sketchy gamble with the usual synthetic tights. However, the incredible moisture management of the Merino wool has the ability to keep bacteria from thriving in the fabric. Therefore, it doesn’t develop any funky smell and that’s absolutely amazing.

As for the fit, the legging is designed to be very tight. Measuring 5’8″, the medium size covers my legs down to the top of the ankle, without any pleats. I can fit it under my ski socks and won’t feel any discomfort throughout the day in the ski boots. Plus, there are no seams on the behind which prevents the legging to get stuck in the wrong place throughout the day.

A little added feature on this particular legging is a fly at the crotch which can be useful for the men. In my humble opinion, I wouldn’t mind if it wasn’t there because a stretchy elastic band at the waist won’t compromise access to whatever the gusset opens to. On the other hand, the gusset allows for better movement at the crotch, leaving the legging closer to the skin in every movement.

Everything considered, the Apex leggings are a great buy. Breathable and warm with an exceptional fit, it’s simply the best piece of base layer I’ve ever worn.


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