Introducing GoPro’s Hero5 Black & Hero5 Session

Text by: Kelsey Begg

GoPro. Introducing GoPro’s Hero5 Black & Hero5 Session

GoPro produces some of the most popular and versatile cameras on the market that are chosen by the top athletes in all sports to capture their raddest days. The best part is, these products aren’t just for the professionals; families and friends can capture their most meaningful experiences with GoPro cameras as well.

The conveniently-sized cameras have taken place of the bulky, film and cassette video cameras mom and dad used to drag around at your first and second birthday parties. GoPro wants to make sure you don’t miss out on any of life’s most precious moments whether you’re shredding the mountain, surfing the swell or capturing your little one’s first steps.

Let’s Talk Features

GoPro is back at it with their innovative designs and technology and have announced the launch of not only one, but two new products; the GoPro Hero5 Black and the GoPro Hero5 Session. These new cameras will be out on the market just in time for the lifts to open here in Canada so you can capture your sickest pow days!

The two cameras share some similar traits but also have some differences as expected.

Listed below are the features that the cameras share:

  • Both the Hero5 Black as well as the Hero5 Session shoot 4K footage at a max of 30 frames per second.
  • If you’re someone who constantly forgets to back-up your hundred and thousands of photos, you’ll be happy to hear that the Hero5 Black and the Hero5 Session are both capable of automatically backing up footage and photos. This feature is all thanks to the new GoPro Plus cloud-based subscription service that is available for $4.99/month. Users can plug-in the camera at home and all the photos and footage that has been shot and captured will be uploaded to the cloud.
  • If you live in the water on your surfboard, paddle-board, kayak, sailboat anything, you’ll be happy about this particular feature; both cameras are water resistant out of the box up to 33 feet without a housing. This means you don’t have to worry about whether your “waterproof” phone case is really even waterproof at all! You can ride the waves, catch the biggest fish or just simply enjoy nature and capture every moment of it!
  • Last but not least, the jaw-dropping feature that has people talking is the voice control. You will be able to capture photos with just a few simple words in up to seven languages. How cool is that?! 

GoPro Hero5 Black


For starters, the Hero5 Black resembles a more burlier version of the Hero4 which was originally launched in 2014. Although the looks may be similar, the features have been upgraded! the Hero5 Black shoots 12-megapixel photos and can also capture RAW photos and Wide Dynamic Range video.


Using the 2-inch LCD touchscreen on the back, you can check out your latest photos and see if you caught the $100 shot! If you did, you can head back to the same great spot in the following weeks using the built-in GPS on the camera.

There are even dedicated buttons on the camera so you can choose when you wish to record a video or snap a photo.


Getting the perfect shot can sometimes be challenging especially if the terrain or the conditions aren’t ideal. Often there’s nothing that can be done other than giving it your best shot but with the Hero5 Black, there will be “professional grade” electronic, or digital, image stabilization. With this feature, it’s possible that giving it your best shot will in fact end up as your best shot!


GoPro Hero5 Session


Although the Hero5 Session may not shoot 12-megapixel photos like the Hero5 Black, it does shoot 10-megapixel photos which is still very good. This difference between the two cameras is most likely due to a fact that the Hero5 Session has a smaller sensor in comparison to the Hero5 Black.


Unlike the Hero5 Black, the Hero5 Session does not include the 2-inch LCD touchscreen, the GPS or the RAW or WDR modes. For some basic users, you may not find the extra features necessary for what you want to use the camera for so the Hero5 Session is still a great choice. Having said that, the Hero5 Session will still be equipped with the GoPro’s ProTune video mode which makes it possible to capture a flatter image. This flatter image makes is easier to do any colour-correcting that may need to be done during editing.


“Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner”

At the end of the day, both cameras are going to be phenomenal but if you are looking for the cream-of-the-crop, the Hero5 Black may be your winner. Keep an eye out for the new GoPro cameras coming soon to Altitude-Sports around the start of October.


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