JetBoil MightyMo Stove Review

Text by: Gregory Munby

Jetboil. JetBoil MightyMo Stove Review

The post office was my last stop before heading into the cabin for three nights of backcountry skiing. Picking up the package my first thought was “there’s no way a Jetboil could fit in here”. My first-generation Jetboil Flash was larger and heavier. I tore into the box and revealed the Jetboil MightyMo.

Initial Thoughts & Observations

Indeed, the newest addition to the Jetboil line was tiny!! I shoved it in my pack, alongside my Flash and several Jetboil isobutane/propane canisters, and headed to meet my crew of three backcountry skiers.

It’s been ten years since my love affair with Jetboil began. The morning after almost spending a “night out” in the British Columbia backcountry, I walked into my local shop and asked if they stocked a compact stove that would be ideal for emergencies.

Without hesitation I was handed the first-generation Jetboil Flash. It seemed so simple; a small burner and fuel canister, both contained within an insulated cooking pot, a folding stand and a piezo lighter. And the best part, for an extra ten bucks, a coffee press would convert my Flash into a French Press, one that would smash speed records for backcountry, ultimately household, coffee production.

stove in the snow

I took my Jetboil Flash everywhere. Once, having come to the aid of a group involved in an avalanche, I offered a Jetboil hot chocolate to a recently-rescued skier. He accepted, stuffing the warm, contained Jetboil cup into the down jacket (which I’d also given him) and sat motionless as he waited for the helicopter. He didn’t drink a sip.

Why Buy the MightyMo Stove?

So why switch to the Jetboil MightyMo? It’s simple; size-to-output ratio. If you thought the Jetboil Flash boiled water quickly, think again. Tested side-by-side (with previously untapped fuel canisters), the MightyMo boiled two cups of water in two minutes and twenty seconds while my Flash took three minutes and thirty seconds.

And at only $50, compared to the $130 Flash, Jetboil’s MightyMo is one of the most affordable stoves on the market. You will however, need something to cook with: Jetboil recommends the Flux Ring cooking pot. It’s worth mentioning that the stove is not as stable as others in the Jetboil line, and perhaps not the best option for shakey picnic tables and tail gate parties. Over the years I’ve found Jetboil’s piezo lighters to be unreliable; but you always carry a lighter and/or matches right?

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Who Should Buy the JetBoil MightyMo?

You should consider buying the MightyMo if you:

  • Regularly go on ultra-light, solo missions where boiling water and rehydrating food is the only stove-related requirement
  • Delight in making hot drinks for you and a partner on day trips (nothing score points like this maneuver)
  • Don’t already have an emergency stove. And if you’ve read this far into this review, it’s quite likely that one or all of the above applies to you!!

Overall Opinion

The MightyMo is a welcome addition to the line of ten stoves that Jetboil currently makes and it’s found a home in my daypack. And please, if you see me out on the trail ask me to make you a coffee. It’ll only take two minutes!!

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