Kari Traa Ida Tights Review

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Kari Traa, Running. Kari Traa Ida Tights Review

The Kari Traa Ida tights are designed for cold weather training, and they are exactly what I was looking for. I believe Kari Traa when they say “For girls, by girls.” Each and every detail on theses tights is designed for the perfect run in the cold.

First of all, in Québec, the sun does not stay in the sky for very long during the winter days. So, as soon as you get off work, it is already pitch black outside. They first thing I was looking for in my next pair of running tights was reflective details. The Ida Tights offer 360° of visibility in low light and they include a thick, reflective strip just above the calf on each leg. There is also a reflective Kari Traa logo located just below the left hip which will ensure that you are seen by any oncoming vehicles.

The tights are made of three different fabrics which are strategically placed to ensure that you don’t get cold or sweaty. There are two sets of wind resistant panels; one located on the front of the tights and one on the butt. The one on the front is there to keep you warm even when the sharp, cold winds hit you head-on. For the rear one, I was initially skeptical of its effectiveness and function but have learned that it is amazing!

I would always come back from my runs with my bum feeling very cold due to a lack of warm material being used on the rear of the tights I had been wearing. From an engineer perspective, this is normal; it is called fluid dynamics, however, with the extra layer, it makes it comfortable and keeps your behind from getting cold. The back of the knees are feature a highly breathable fabric which ensures that you stay dry even when it is cold outside.

As for warmer days, let’s say around 0 to 5 °C, don’t you worry, Kari Traa thought about it! There is a zipper along the calf which can be unzipped to enhance air flow and offer adequate ventilation to cool you down slightly. There is a light fabric linking both sides of the zipper which flares at the bottom of the tights.

The Ida Tights have a waist that goes over the hipbones (which is belly button height for myself). This is great because when you bend over to tie your shoe laces, you don’t have to worry about the pants sliding down. There is also a waist band you can cinch tight to ensure that the tights stay where you want. One of my favorite discoveries in the pants is the secret pocket in the inside of the waist. It is the perfect size to accommodate your house key so you can leave the bulky key chain at home and bring along the single key that you need.

Once you slip on the Ida Tights they fit and feel very comfortable. Most of the seams are flat which was designed to produce less friction and discomfort. I usually wear small and they fit me perfectly.

I have worn the Ida Tights in a variety of conditions from rain to snow, temperatures ranging from -15°C to +5°C and they have always served me well. With all the incredible features and their versatility, the Kari Traa Ida Tights are definitively my go-to choice for running bottoms.

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